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Coconut Oil - 500 ml

Coconut Oil from Marnys is a great product for personal use made from coconut flesh and is indicated to provide essential protection to hair and skin. In fact, it has a valuable action as a moisturizer and conditioner.

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    Coconut Oil from Marnys: an excellent product with double performance. Give the best care to your skin and precious hair every day!

    Coconut Oil from Marnys is an efficient and useful product for personal use with a series of determining functions: the first is to act as a body moisturizer, and the second, as a hair conditioner.

    Coconut oil is a nearly colorless fatty oil or white semisolid fat extracted from fresh coconuts and used esp. in making soaps and food products.

    Thus, you have the possibility of covering two extremely important aspects of your body. Thanks to this coconut oil you can facilitate the tanning of your skin in the summer and even keep your hair in control, making it very easy to comb and adopting a smoother and more pleasant appearance.

    Coconut Oil from Marnys is a 100% vegetable oil, which is obtained from the flesh of coconut. Coconut oil acts as an efficient conditioner, thus softening the hair and leaving it very easy to style. It also gives it a very smooth and shiny appearance. Likewise, it has been traditionally used to promote and even facilitate skin tanning in summer, always accompanied by a sunscreen.

    This oil has a high proportion of lauric acid, providing a wide range of important acids such as myristic, palmitic, caprylic, capric and oleic acid. Coconut Oil from Marnys has nutritional benefits very similar to those found in breast milk. It is important to mention that it is a product recommended for any skin type, especially the most sensitive ones, in order to provide the appropriate effects.

    Coconut Oil from Marnys is recommended for people who want a natural oil whose moisturizing and emollient power is considerably strong. Also for individuals with the intention of promoting their tanning or giving proper care to their hair.

    Properties of Coconut Oil from Marnys:

    • From coconut flesh.
    • A product to nourish and soften the skin.
    • Makes tanning easier.
    • Acts as a hair conditioner.
    • Controls the most dishevelled manes.
    • 100% vegetable oil.
    • Pure coconut oil.
    • Not tested on animals.

    Coconut Oil from Marnys is a 100% vegetable oil that is perfect as an effective skin moisturizer, as an incredible ally for the most dishevelled manes. It is perfect for conditioning and smoothing hair. It also has properties that allow the most sensitive skins to be regenerated and nourished.

    Recommended use: as a product for personal use, spread on clean skin as a facial and/or body moisturizer. To facilitate tanning, coconut oil combined with a sunscreen should be applied before sunbathing or afterwards to hydrate the skin. For hair, apply a small amount to the ends before shampooing or apply as a conditioner.

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