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Artrohelp - 120 capsules

Promote the health of your joints with the new Artrohelp from Marnys, a wonderful product is intended to provide your body with many vitamins and minerals essential for the elasticity and proper functioning of your bones, as well as prevent annoying joint pains quickly and naturally.

    With Artrohelp from Marnys, your body will be free of ailments and discomfort, staying active for your daily work and routines.

    Artrohelp from Marnys is a 100% natural product, recommended for athletes, seniors and all those who suffer from joint ailments.

    It is made with elements offered by nature, such as shark cartilage and monounsaturated fatty acids. In the same way, this product provides vitality with vitamins C, B6 and D that contribute to keep your cartilage under normal conditions acting against the oxidation that tends to appear over time. With this wonderful product your body will enjoy better health and better functioning of those tissues that are so essential for daily activity.

    Joint problems that affect many people today, if they are not cared for and treated in time, can lead to different bone diseases. That is why we recommend the use of Artrohelp from Marnys, since with its formula of natural elements, it directly attacks these evils generating rapid relief in the most affected areas, such as joints and cartilage. Marnys, a recognized brand in the body products market, this time brings a product composed of the famous shark cartilage that also contains collagen, chondroitin sulfate, phosphorus and calcium, as well as a series of carbohydrates called mucopolysaccharides that act effectively against the bacteria that attack our body and more specifically the tissues and joints.

    Artrohelp from Marnys also has in its formula essential vitamins and minerals for our body, among which we can mention vitamin C, which favors the production of collagen and is vital for the proper functioning of cartilage and tissues, vitamin D exerts an indispensable function in the maintenance and strengthening of the bones of our body. All these benefits make Artrohelp from Marnys, the nutritional supplement necessary for your body to remain under optimal conditions, while enjoying the carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals necessary to prevent the annoying pain of tissues and joints that usually affect us.

    Facts of Artrohelp from Marnys:

    • Contains shark cartilage.
    • Formulated with totally natural elements.
    • Improves the health of joints, tissues and bones.
    • Provides vitamins C, B6 and D.
    • Contains minerals such as phosphorus and calcium.
    • Indicated for sportsmen and elderly people.
    • Effective against ailments in tissues and joints.
    • Practical presentation in easy digestible vegetable capsules.

    Specifications per recommended daily dose (4 capsules):

    • Has 900 mg of monounsaturated acid complex.
    • Contains 900 mg of shark cartilage.
    • Provides 60 mg of vitamin C (75% RDD).
    • Has 2 mg of vitamin B6 (143% RDD).
    • Provides 5 mg of vitamin D (100% RDD).

    Improve and significantly increase the health of your joints, tissues and bones with this innovative natural product. As Artrohelp from Marnys is formulated for people leading an active lifestyle and those needing joints under optimal conditions. Do not miss the opportunity to have the wonders of shark cartilage and other vitamins that Marnys collects in this great product and brings it at your fingertips.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, take two (2) capsules of Artrohelp from Marnys before eating lunch, and two (2) capsules before dinner.

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