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Apricot Nut Oil - 500 ml

Apricot Nut Oil from Marnys is a pure and 100% natural oil based on nuts and apricots, which is recommended to hydrate dry and irritated skin. It has a high level of omega-9 fatty acid that offers great softness to the dermis. In addition, when you use it, you will feel a feeling of freshness and well-being on your skin.

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    Hydrate your skin every single day by using this excellent and amazing Apricot Nut Oil from Marnys.

    Apricot Nut Oil from Marnys has been obtained from the almond contained in the prunus armeniaca kernel. Apricot Nut Oil from Marnys is an excellent nourishing and moisturizing oil, that is why it is very ideal to use as a caring agent for dry and irritated skins. Such an oil provides a delicious nutty aroma, a smooth and fine texture that will help you have a smooth and hydrated complexion.

    Apricot Nut Oil from Marnys is a great 100% natural oil and antioxidant, which helps delay the aging of the complexion. It is rich in omega-9, which is frequently used for caring any skin, especially dry and irritated complexions, as it balances the lipid mantle and acts as a shield to protect the water reserves of the dermis.

    In fact, Apricot Nut Oil from Marnys provides you with many benefits to renew the state and appearance of the skin.

    Apricot Nut Oil from Marnys can also be used in several ways, such as for massage since we obtain relaxing effects due to its fluid and light texture, so it penetrates the skin quickly and leaves no residue. In addition, due to its delicious nutty aroma Apricot Nut Oil from Marnys can provide a feeling of peace and freshness.

    Due to these benefits, Apricot Nut Oil from Marnys is a 100% natural treasure that will provide your skin with a good health, as it will give it a 100% natural shine. Apricot Nut Oil from Marnys also works as a good softener. It is even an extraordinary emollient for the dermis.

    Apricot Nut Oil from Marnys is an oil that provides an immediate absorption, so it avoids discomforts like sticky skin after its application. With this Apricot Nut Oil from Marnys you will undoubtedly be able to improve the dry and irritated texture of your complexion, for a smooth, hydrated and healthy one.

    Nutrition facts of Apricot Nut Oil from Marnys:

    • Made from Prunus armeniaca nut oil.
    • Excellent base oil to combine essential oils.
    • provides a great contribution of omega-9 fatty acid that helps improve the appearance of the skin, providing intense softness.
    • Ideal for maintaining the skin's barrier function.
    • Suitable for all skins, especially dry and irritated skins.
    • Ideal as a massage oil.
    • Oil with a light and fluid texture.
    • Quickly penetrates the skin.
    • Leaves no greasy residue.
    • Suitable for vegans.

    Apricot Nut Oil from Marnys is so natural and beneficial for the nutrition and care of your skin. It is ideal to daily apply on your skin to keep it soft and hydrated.

    Recommended direction: apply on wet skin the necessary amount. Apricot Nut Oil from Marnys can also be applied to dry skin.

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