Minimum order from Maria Natura €16. Chicken strips by Maria Natura are stuffed and prepared only to the natural one, for that reason, its quality is indisputable. This product is the healthiest you will delight since it is prepared by hand with breast meat, so it is very low in fat and very abundant in protein.

Tiras de pollo - 80g

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    Chicken strips by María Natura. They come ready to taste and appreciate a nutritious snack

    Chicken Strips by Maria Natura are produced with a style so fun and practical that eating chicken will be very easy and delicious. So, this product, you can delight as a rich appetizer, or, include it to your recipes. In addition, these strips are stuffed naturally with the most succulent breast and seasoned with rich spices. Therefore, its color, aroma, and texture are a great wonder for your palate.

    These juicy Chicken Strips by María Natura are completely available in their natural packaging. However, by having them in your hands you should know that their temptation goes further, since they are prepared very deliciously by the hand of the more experienced butcher experts of Maria Natura. Therefore, its quality is entirely selected and healthy for your enjoyment.

    This meat product is prepared with rich and fresh cuts of chicken breast, which are seasoned completely in exquisite spices. When said cuts, they take an incredible flavor, thanks to their condiments, later, they are stuffed in a delicate and natural casing. In this way, you get some delicious strips of chicken from Maria Natura bathed in a magnificent delight, which surely will make it very difficult not to try.

    Now, this meat food is the most suitable and healthy since it does not include artificial perseverants. However, to ensure that they last longer and their flavor does not escape, then they are marinated said Chicken Strips of Maria Natura in pink salt of the Himalayas, being this one, very selected in healthy diets for its high mineral abundance and a touch of flavor very differentiated

    These Chicken Strips by María Natura, for being a very delicious sausage product, are not excluded from the eminent and valuable nutritive richness of the chicken. In that sense, they have little fat and a high contribution of proteins, which will complement your appetizing and very basic diet. In addition, for the most delicate when eating this meat food is easily digested unlike red meat.

    Maria Natura Chicken Strips facilitate your delight when you want to eat something fast, tasty and ready. For this reason, this product comes entirely stuffed and / or tanned so that you key your look in its delightful aspect, and instantaneously, you begin to taste it. Either, that provokes you to tapas, snacks, or, to include other preparations, such as salads, vegetables, rice, stews, sauces and much more. There are no rules that determine your pleasure so be happy with every delicious snack.

    Chicken Strips by María Natura properties

    • Low fat
    • Abundant in proteins
    • Perfectly flavored and stuffed in natural casing
    • They are very assimilable
    • With a convenient and attractive touch of pink salt from the Himalayas
    • Fleshy texture, exquisite taste, and scent that makes you fall in love

    Give yourself the luxury of eating chicken without much difficulty. Therefore, acquire these fun and nutritious chicken strips Maria Natura to realize that feed well is much richer than you thought.

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