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Diced Pork from Maria Natura is obtained from tender, juicy, and tasty pork. Therefore, when you eat it, you will enjoy a delicious meat, whether you prefer it on its own, accompanied, or as a filling. This product is entirely natural, as it has no fats, and is only preserved with organic salt.

Tacos de cerdo - 500g

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    Diced Pork from Maria Natura is a healthy meat, ideal to pamper your palate from time to time.

    This succulent pork consists of small cubes of pork, so you can enjoy a better and more appetizing texture of an excellent meat, as it is the case of fresh pork. In this way, you can use this product, to fill, complement stews, eat on its own, or as you wish. Another thing that you will appreciate about this product is that is incredibly low in fat, so, when you eat it, you do not spoil your diet or figure. In addition, it is a product from 100% natural origin.

    Diced Pork from Maria Natura has been obtained from the best parts of the pig. For that reason, its meat is magnificently soft and very tender to the palate, and its flavor is quite irresistible, so that you can use it to prepare a lot of recipes. Whether you prefer to eat it on its own, accompanied, incorporated into garnishes, stews, sauces, even, to fill rich sandwiches, or tacos. Moreover, it becomes really mouth-watering if grilled, or roasted, and each piece takes a golden, appetizing color that will make your mouth water.

    Diced Pork from Maria Natura is the result of chopping pork into small cubes in order to make it easier to cook, without having to spend more time than necessary in the kitchen, for example, chopping meat. In that sense, it comes ready for use, you just need to put some substantial cubes on the stove, grill, etc. Fortunately, this product is seasoned with Himalayan pink salt, so it will only be necessary to sprinkle some spices of your choice to give it the touch you like.

    It is important to mention that Himalayan pink salt is a 100% natural salt that is perfect to preserve raw food. So, these rich small cubes of pork will stay fresh and very succulent for some days, and many more, if you keep them in the fridge, the frozen the better. By doing that, you ensure that when you want to cook them, they will have their original qualities, and an incredible freshness, let alone, their quality. In addition, as it is an unprocessed meat that result from the natural production of Maria Natura, you will be eating a healthy and appetizing meat that is suitable for your daily meals.

    In fact, Diced Pork from Maria Natura is very low in fat, so if you are on a diet and want to pamper yourself with a special, rich and healthy meal, this exquisite meat is absolutely suitable for that. Similarly, it is rich in protein, therefore, with every bite you provide your body with a good contribution of such important nutrient.

    Facts of Diced Pork from Maria Natura

    • Cut into cubes, for better preparation, and consumption.
    • Completely natural, healthy, and nutritious pork.
    • Provides excellent amounts of protein.
    • Defatted.
    • Seasoned and preserved with Himalayan pink salt.
    • Very soft, fleshy, tender, and juicy.
    • During cooking, the cubes get an appetizing brown color.

    Diced Pork from Maria Natura constitutes excellent meat for you to eat the best of the best. Therefore, you should not miss the opportunity of buying as much as you need, and start to cook it and have healthy and quality meals.

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