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Minimum order from Maria Natura €16. Delicious Sobrasada is made from very well selected pork meats and meticulously. This delicious complement has been flavored and flavored not only with natural spices, but also with paprika from the vera. An innovative flavor to awaken each one of your senses.

    Sobrasada by María Natura is a juicy and healthy proposal to spread with different foods

    Sobrasada in Tarrina is a complement made by artisan methods and with the strictest quality schemes. Made on the basis of selected pork meats, seasoned and flavored both with natural spices, and with paprika from the vera.

    This product offers an authentic flavor for small pleasures in the snack or lunch. Thanks to its creamy texture, it allows to spread with all kinds of foods, especially those that have an even thicker texture, to make an explosive mixture.

    Sobrasada by María Natura is a succulent product to enrich the diet from its incredible nutritional properties. It offers great energetic values ​​so that you have the possibility of exercising all the chores of the day. Likewise, its presence in proteins is essential if you are looking to maintain optimal functioning of your body.

    A food supplement to enhance and enhance the flavor of your snacks. Thanks to its texture, Sobrasada is actually very easy to spread with other foods. For this same reason, you should take advantage of its versatility to give you a tasty, varied and different feast. An alternative to please the small and large of the house. Likewise, it is perfect to receive guests with a unique option. Make your buns, toast, crackers and others, taste first.

    Sobrasada in Tarrina is the key to a totally healthy consumption. This selection of pork leaves you with the best taste in your mouth, as well as the best nutritional values. Cheer up to appease small cravings, with an alternative to satiate and, at the same time, nourish your body in the best way. It appears in a tray presentation, for a transfer and use even more comfortable than any other product. Take advantage of the benefits and flexibility of this Sobrasada in Tarrina, generous in benefits to optimize the performance of your body.

    Sobrasada by María Natura Properties

    • Made from pork.
    • A protein-rich supplement.
    • It provides great energetic values.
    • It has a creamy texture.
    • Ideal to spread with the dishes of your preference.
    • Flavored and flavored with natural spices.
    • 100% handmade.

    Sobrasada by María Natura is a juicy proposal to spread with the dishes of your choice. This product based on pork, produces the best sensations on the palate thanks to its creamy texture. It offers in each bite a delicate and unique flavor that will be impossible to forget. Make your family happy with an intelligent selection, which also supports healthy consumption.

    A very delicious food supplement to spread with all kinds of dishes. Among them, bagels, toast or crackers.

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