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This exquisite and succulent Grandma's Chicken Sausage, is the best meat sausage you can buy to enjoy at home, or in a very pleasant meeting with all your guests, as it is very well prepared by the experts of the great brand: maría natura, 100% handmade, with natural ground chicken, spices, water and spices.

Salchichón de pollo de la abuela - 150g

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    Grandma's Chicken Sausage by María Natura traditionally made. But with a meat more pleasant, digestible and healthy, for you and your guests

    The succulent and very appetizing Salchichón de Pollo de la Abuela, is an exquisite fresh sausage, which enjoys a different taste, and softer, unlike, the common pork sausage.

    In this case, this product is prepared primarily, with appetizing chicken, natural spices and natural casings, because in this way, it does not contribute so much fat to your diet plan. In addition, your body can better assimilate the tasty content of this sausage, which is full of valuable proteins and meat very beneficial to the body.

    The rich and highly recommended Grandma's Chicken Sausage by María Natura is an excellent sausage that treasures in all its content, the traditional, delicious, and special recipe of the Mediterranean sausage. However, the only meat ingredient, which has been substituted, very correctly, for your full well-being, is chicken meat, since it is much lighter and more pleasant to digest.

    In addition, the chicken treasures a texture is more tender, its flavor is more suitable for everyone, both for children, as the elderly.

    The exquisite Grandma's Chicken Sausage by María Natura is very well prepared ecologically, according to the healthy concept by María Natura. That is to say, the most exceptional and fresh ground chicken meat has been selected, which is processed with spices, water and salt, to give as a result, a succulent sausage, very tempting to cut and delight with much pleasure.

    In this case, this product has passed through the hands of the most careful and knowledgeable butchers of Maria Natura, so it does not contain dyes, additives, or artificial elements, which detract from the original content of a good sausage.

    To your surprise, and greater delight, this Grandma's Chicken Sausage by María Natura is very reduced in fat. In that sense, it only conserves the little fat that the chicken spontaneously gives it, therefore, you can enjoy this healthy sausage, without the recurrent thought that you will be able to gain weight, or, get out of your balanced diet. On the contrary, this meat food helps you to respect, literally, your diet, providing you with protein, with few calories.

    This divine Grandma's Chicken Sausage by María Natura can delight you wherever you want, without limiting you. Whether you fancy it deliciously to tapas, accompany, or eat alone, it is valid. Even, it is very delicious, to receive guests, and in this way, offer them a gourmet appetite, out of the ordinary.

    Grandma's Chicken Sausage by María Natura properties

    • Sausage with ground chicken, salt, water, and rich spices
    • Softer taste, and healthier to digest
    • Low in fat, and in calories
    • Richer taste, and soft texture
    • Provides abundant proteins
    • Natural food, unprocessed, free of persevants

    If you're not the best friend of pork, then what are you waiting for to add this succulent Grandma's Chicken Sausage to your collection of Mediterranean sausages. With this food, you will always be fine with your diet, and all you invite to taste.

    Opiniones de Grandma's Chicken Sausage - 150g

    Yago 2018-12-11 22:16:26
    Me gustaría saber los ingredientes de este producto, ya que no los veo especificados en ningún lugar. Gracias de antemano.
    Joel 2018-12-12 11:00:14
    Hola Yago. Manda un email a para que te puedan facilitar los ingredientes.Un saludo.
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