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Grandma's sausage - 250g

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Grandma's sausage is an artisanal product, with an ecological concept, which will surely fascinate you. Thus, it is made with organic spices and chicken, which give this sausage a great taste and an irresistible appearance. This product is very low in fat, so you can enjoy it very thoroughly.

    Come back to enjoy the sausages! This rich Grandma's sausage is completely organic and low in fat, for your maximum delight

    Grandma's sausage is an exquisite 100 percent artisanal sausage, which you can easily cut into slices and enjoy it, whether for tapas, toast with bread, toast, crackers, or fill an appetizing sandwich.

    This product is made with an exquisite selection of chicken and organic spices, all mixed, and then, stuffed in a natural casing. This makes its color, its flavor, and its texture, a wonder to delight.

    Grandma's sausage is a tasty product that puts at your disposal, the very generous possibility, of enjoying an excellent artisan sausage. Starting, because it is prepared strictly with organic and vegetable ingredients, free of artificial elements, additives and preservatives. Therefore, this substantial organic sausage, is much healthier to serve at your table, and that everyone can rejoice in their splendid taste.

    This food is impregnated with all the craftsmanship and tradition of María Natura's homemade recipe. Where chicken of exclusive and supreme quality is selected, seasoned with very authentic organic spices. Thanks to this mixture, this organic sausage enjoys an insurmountable flavor. In addition, it does not add trans fats, precisely, to support even more, your healthy dietary plan. Certainly, it is a light product, for what you are commonly accustomed to try, since its fat percentage is well reduced.

    However, this Grandma's sausage does have proteins to offer you. Each 100 gr that you slice, you will be taking to your mouth about 32.1 gr of protein, very good and substantial, for your excellent feeding. The good thing is that the athletes will be able to enjoy this irresistible sausage, of course, without being restricted to the pure pleasure of the tasty food.

    This homemade sausage, very well you can cut it into appetizing slices. Then, you put it on the table, to taste it with cookies, toast, bread, crackers, and more. At the time of inviting a few friends home, this product will not leave you bad, and more, if you accompany it with a glass of good and rich wine. Even for breakfast or snack, it is very tasty to fill a succulent and fresh sandwich.

    Grandma's sausage by María Natura properties

    • Stuffed in natural casing
    • Made with organic ingredients, chicken and natural spices
    • No additives, dyes, or persevants
    • Delicious taste, fantastic aroma, and divine consistency
    • Rich in proteins
    • Low in fat

    Try to acquire and delight the Grandma's sausage, because in the long run, you and your family will enjoy it. It is a rich sausage, with a different concept, so you can not deprive yourself of all its irresistible and very substantial charm. Try it, as you like it!

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