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Sausage with nuts - 300g

Minimum order from Maria Natura €16.

Sausage with nuts, is a delicacy of sausage, which very perfectly, you can take to your table and delight it with bread, cookies, crackers, or with an exquisite wine. It is a meat product that is made by hand, for that reason, its ingredients are natural, of quality, and very delicious.

    Sausage with nuts, a completely different sausage, but with a huge flavor, aroma, and delicious texture

    Sausage with nuts by María Natura, is a tasty artisan sausage, which is very well made with fresh pork and small pieces of walnuts.

    In this way, a meat product is very tasty to try, with a pleasant aroma, and a different texture. In addition, this sausage, with its exquisite flavor, reminds you of the conventional, but, with the greatest advantage, that it has an incredibly low percentage of fat.

    This Sausage with nuts, has been stuffed perfectly with the best cuts of natural pork. In this sense, they are selected and chopped, and then prepared in a rich organic tripe. To add flavor, you also add a little bit of spices and delicious nuts. Therefore, when you picas this tasty and very provocative meat product, you can notice a completely different consistency, quite unique, and very pleasant to taste, either with bread, toast, crackers, and other crunchy companions.

    Sausage with nuts has a very low percentage of fat, especially because it is made by hand. Even, its ingredients are natural. So, this product is an alternative for those who love having their sausages at home, and at the same time, take care of the line. In addition, this sausage, treasures a lot of protein, which is a positive point, to maintain a healthy eating style. In fact, for every 80 gr, this sausage provides 32.1gr of protein, this being a very suitable portion.

    Thanks to the nuts, this artisan sausage incorporates other nutrients. As for example, fiber, essential fatty acids, energy, certain minerals, and vitamins. Therefore, this rich and very provocative Sausage with nuts, is the ideal sausage to eat when you want it the most, because, you can enjoy all your special taste, and at the same time, complement your meals, with a good and nutritious handmade product.

    You can eat this product, at breakfast, in the snack, or when you organize a meeting, and wish to receive your guests with the most delicious and tasty sausage. In the same way, there are other people, who love to add this meat sausage to their pizzas, sandwiches, pastas, and other recipes. His versatility in preparation, really, is varied and irresistible.

    Sausage with nuts by Maria Natura properties

    • Low in fat
    • Stuffed in natural casing, with fresh, healthy ingredients
    • Rich in proteins, provides 32.1gr
    • Combined with nuts, of exquisite flavor
    • It has a different texture, delicious, very tempting
    • Support healthy eating

    Give yourself a taste with this Sausage with nuts. Dieting, eating a healthy diet, or playing sports does not mean you should quit and / or forget to eat rich. On the contrary, this product is accessible, healthy, and very exquisite to delight.

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