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Chicken sausages from María Natura are a sausage made from ground chicken. It is a delicious alternative to feed yourself through a ready-to-cook product that offers all the nutritional benefits your body needs.

Salchichas de pollo - 500g

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    Chicken Sausages by María Natura, get a full contribution in your nutrition! A delicious sausage that has been enriched with proteins

    Chicken Sausages by María Natura is a quick proposal to serve at home after busy chores and afternoons. A tasty sausage, made from the most tender chicken and with the strictest quality standards.

    María Natura presents a product enriched in proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates and energy degrees, all important components for the optimal functioning of the body. An ideal product to head your meals, making a complete contribution to your nutrition.

    The delicious Chicken Sausages by Maria Natura treasure nutritional properties to adapt to a healthier lifestyle. In addition, it is a food supplement to taste in each bite, enhancing your experience and pleasing your little cravings. Thanks to the absence of saturated fat in its formulation, it is a perfect alternative to feed without losing the figure or interrupting your diet.

    One of the greatest benefits of Maria Natura's Chicken Sausages is its compatibility with other diets. It is a product that can be easily included in other dishes, enhancing them in aroma, flavor and freshness. Nothing more appetizing than a sausage made from the most tender chicken to complement your days.

    It is a delight in all its versions, whether grilled, grilled and even fried. Give yourself the greatest pleasures and accompany with vegetables, legumes or boiled potatoes. Make your imagination fly to expand your experience with the most exotic dishes.

    Thanks to María Natura's Chicken Sausages, you get a product developed from very healthy methods that promote the conservation of all its natural properties. A treasure in proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates and energy. In addition, thanks to the absence of saturated fat in its formula, you can taste without remorse. It is a food inspired by the most important foods and, given their nutritional values, can be incorporated into almost all recipes.

    Properties of Chicken Sausages by María Natura

    • Chicken sausages conserved with rose salt from Himalayas.
    • It offers a great protein content.
    • Increase energy levels.
    • Developed from the most tender chicken.
    • Free of saturated fat and sugars.
    • Compatible with numerous diets.
    • Delicious for cooking roasted, fried or grilled.

    The juicy chicken sausages by Maria Natura are essential to form a totally healthy consumption. Get unique and succulent flavors through a product enriched with incredible nutritional values. These chicken sausages have been developed from the healthiest methods, to guarantee their quality, flavor, freshness and also, the conservation of their natural properties. Include in your most special dishes, pleasing your pleasures without a hint of remorse.

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