These pork sausages, are very well stuffed, with the juiciest, and rich pork, by Maria Natura. This rich sausage, has no saturated fats, additives, or artificial preservatives, so it is very delicious to enjoy. Either, place them on the grill, or grilled, and in this way, you can enjoy the splendid flavor.

Salchichas de cerdo - 500g

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    Pork sausages, rich in valuable proteins and very low in fat. For the enjoyment of the best and richest meat sausage!

    These tasty pork sausages are a delicious sausage, which is made with pork, very fresh and natural. They have a considerable and very beneficial nutritional value, as for example, enough protein, and few fats. So, this exquisite product is a richer way to savor, your sausages always, but of course, much healthier.

    The Pork Sausages are made with all the quality that confers to Maria Natura. In that sense, they are prepared with fine, fresh, and fleshy cuts of bacon, which have been selected by expert butchers, with high standards of excellence and guarantee. In this way, juicy sausages are obtained, with an exceptional taste, and a freshness, very provocative.

    This delicious sausage, does not contain artificial persevantes, dyes, or additives. Therefore, when you present these Pork Sausages, on the plate, you will be able to fully notice how they give off their natural taste, and very healthy. In fact, they do not have excess fat, so when frying, or roasting them to the griddle, it really comes out, all the juice, and exquisite aroma.

    The most interesting thing about this rich sausage is that even when it is organic, its authentic duration is extended and very suitable. Well, the pork sausages, before being packaged, have been rose, with pink salt from the Himalayas, which acts as a natural perseverant, and additionally, provides all its richness, in trace elements and minerals.

    Certainly, you will be bringing to your mouth, a meat food, very beneficial. While mentioning you, that too, is a very large protein. Each serving, offers you 18 gr of protein, plus 170 kcal, for that reason, they do not become an impediment to delight these succulent sausages, and at the same time, take care of your healthy diet.

    Many people love to enjoy this exclusive meat product in a thousand ways. Whether as a gourmet snack, when it comes to tapas; to cut into slices, and serve in a meeting; or, to enjoy, in the privacy of the home, a good tasty sausage. There are no limits, when it comes to these fresh, provocative, and very juicy Pork Sausages.

    Properties of these exquisite Pork Sausages from María Natura

    • They provide 18gr of protein
    • Low fat, and calorie percentage
    • Conserved perfectly with the incomparable pink salt Himalaya
    • Its color, taste and texture is completely natural
    • Exquisite flavor, very juicy, and fresh
    • Elaborated carefully, with pieces of pork, and bacon
    • Completely natural, without artificial elements

    These pork sausages, have so much flavor, that they are part, indisputably, of the substantial, traditional and varied Mediterranean food. In addition, they are quite affordable, and can be accompanied, with other appetizing companions.

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