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Prime Veal Steak from Maria Natura is an exquisite product that gives you the most succulent delight when you eat it, since it is fresh, delicious, and juicy veal, so its taste is really good. This meat is obtained from calves in a handmade way, plus, it is prepared without using artificial preservatives, or saturated fats.

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Prime Veal Steak from Maria Natura is a soft, exquisite and fresh veal to enjoy on special occasions.

Prime Veal Steak from Maria Natura is an appetizing cut of veal that is obtained from the best selection of calves. In this case, this product has a bright red color, natural, fresh and very succulent, however, what it is appreciated the most, it is low-fat content. Therefore, this meat is easy to digest, its flavor is natural, and contains a striking percentage of water and proteins, therefore, it is excellent for you to eat very healthily.

Prime Veal Steak from Maria Natura is a delicious product that has been handmade prepared by expert butchers working at Maria Natura. Generally, during the breeding, the animal is only feed on grass and cereal, without injections, or genetic modifications. For this reason, the veal obtained has an unsurpassed quality, which is why, it is considered as a prime and very supreme meat.

The cut of the rich Prime Veal Steak from Maria Natura is quite fine, delicate and very succulent. Well, its color is very red, its consistency is fresh, and very soft, so, it is one of the most pleasant and appetizing veal steak. In addition, during its preparation, no artificial additives, preservatives, or colorings were used, plus, this meat is preserved naturally, using the wonderful Himalayan pink salt. The latter is quite rich in nutrients, and the flavor it gives is unparalleled.

Prime Veal Steak from Maria Natura has as many qualities as any other valuable food. So, this product has an excellent amount of water and is rich in proteins. In fact, it incorporates 20 g of protein per serving, which represents great benefits for healthy dietary plans, fitness and sports practice.

Now, this product also has minerals, including potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and iron. This nutritious contribution helps balance your diet even more because this meat is handmade, has little fat, and is quite digestible.

For a day of grill, barbecue, or special meal at home, this natural veal steak is a suitable and delicious choice. Certainly, you can eat it on its own, seasoned with spices, or also, accompanied with some salad, rice, pasta, garnish, pan-fried vegetables, among others. Once you try it, you will agree that it is the most divine meat product available on the market.

Facts of Prime Veal Steak from Maria Natura:

  • High in proteins, water, and minerals.
  • Low in fat.
  • Obtained from calves, namely, from the softest, tenderest, and juiciest part.
  • Preserved naturally, using Himalayan pink salt.
  • Exquisite taste, fresh, and soft consistency.
  • Easy to digest.

If you want to eat a cut of very appetizing prime meat, then, do not wait any longer to cook, may be grilled or roasted, the very succulent Prime Veal Steak from Maria Natura. You will love it so much that you will not have enough of it.

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