Minimum order of Maria Natura €16. Pork steak Marinade by María Natura offers you a piece of tender meat, simply irresistible. Enjoy meat developed under high quality standards. It has been previously flavored, which saves you a lot of time in the kitchen. You just have to cook it in an iron, oven or grill. Preserved with Rose Salt of the Himalayas.

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    Pork steak Marinade by María Natura, tender, juicy and soft. It's ready for your immediate delight!

    Pork steak Marinade by María Natura is an incredible piece of meat that you can not miss. It is a product developed by specialists in meat, which produce the best cuts of meat, the most healthy and delicious.

    In this case you get a food that has been marinated with cayenne pepper, hot peppers and herbs that make it a delight for the palate. It is preserved with Rose Salt of the Himalayas that preserves its characteristics in a safe and healthy way. In addition, it gives a wonderful flavor, while giving vitamins and minerals very beneficial to your health.

    This Pork steak Marinade by María Natura will help you to cook rich and healthy, even in modern life. It will allow you to enjoy something delicious and at the same time enjoy a very tasty meal. Although you like to cook and make dishes that captivate your family, you do not always have time to prepare an appetizing meal. True? Even preparing the simplest of dressings takes time. So when a product already comes with excellent seasoning and aroma it becomes an excellent opportunity. You just have to cook it and serve it with something simple like baked potatoes or a salad with the vegetables that you like the most. It really makes it easier for you to prepare a delicious meal.

    However, this Pork steak Marinade by María Natura can help you make delicious dishes with an extra touch of flavor. You can do it in the oven with peppers, with various vegetables or with beans. There is no reason why it is not the meat that you add to your special sauce. It is excellent prepared to plum, to beer, with mushrooms. In the same way you can make it breaded, to the vinaigrette, with a sauce made to the apple or mustard and honey. All these options make it a wonderful option for healthy eating without depriving you of enjoying a very tasty dish.

    Properties of pork steak in Adobo by María Natura:

    • Tender cut selected by specialists
    • Marinated with cayenne pepper, hot peppers and herbs
    • Preserved with Rose Salt of the Himalayas
    • Ready to be cooked and served with ease
    • Excellent for a healthy diet
    • It can be cooked on an iron, oven or grill

    Pork steak Marinade by María Natura is an excellent meat cut that you can not miss. Delight in its excellent quality, flavor and smoothness. It is a product developed with high quality standards, which has also been flavored to help you eat delicious, without too much work.

    Recommended use: for cooking on a grill, oven or iron. Excellent for daily consumption.

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