Minimum order from Maria Natura €16. Succulent Skewers Breast María Natura brand, are an alternative that will give you the best properties and a unique flavor to be able to taste every day. These appetizing pieces of sliced chicken meat can be seasoned with natural spices to enhance their genuine flavor.

Pinchitos de pechuga - 500g

3,95 €

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    Skewers Breast by María Natura, make your appetizers with these delicious pieces of cut chicken meat. Consume a delicious food without losing good eating habits!

    Skewers Breast by María Natura, it is a very precious aperitif in different sectors of the world. The delicious Skewers Breast have been developed by hundred percent healthy methods, conserving their most important properties and guaranteeing an attractive and widely pleasant flavor for your mouth.

    If you are in search of a delicious appetizer, the Skewers Breast by María Natura are especially good. Give yourself pleasure with a tender chicken, enriched with fundamental properties and a fresh texture to make your mouth water. You have many alternatives to enjoy these pieces of chicken. Make the Skewers Breast, adding all kinds of ingredients that you have in mind. Make them with ginger, paprika, cumin, vegetables. Your options are really endless.

    It raises its valuable properties through healthy consumption. Maria Natura's Pechuga Skewers are enriched with vitamins, proteins and valuable minerals. It is essential to include as a recurrent food to promote the functioning of your body. From this delicious product you can complete your nutrition and taste a delicacy first. And best of all, is that you do not harm your figure or the rigorous diets in any way. Now you can placate your possible cravings without having to succumb to those dishes full of fat or sugar.

    The succulent Skewers Breast by María Natura come from the most tender chicken and are preserved by the Rose Salt of Himalaya, which besides being nutritious, also provides an even richer flavor. Give yourself pleasure with a delicious chicken, capable of satisfying you to prolong the next meal hours. Right now you can buy this recommended product and season it at home according to personal tastes. Make them soft or perhaps more spicy, surprising your family at all times with your culinary skills.

    Properties of Skewers Breast by María Natura

    • It is conserved by the Pink Salt of Himalayas.
    • A product of the highest quality.
    • Developed with the most tender chicken.
    • It provides a valuable protein content.
    • Rich in vitamins and minerals.
    • Skewers very low in fat.
    • Ideal to consume with vegetables.
    • Enhance the flavor of your dishes.
    • Excellent cut for roasts, barbecues and grills.

    The Skewers Breast by María Natura are for family sharing. Delight yourself with this rich product, using the combination of ingredients that you want to be able to make a mixture of perfect flavors. You can make the recipes you have in mind, taking advantage of the versatility of these chicken pieces.

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