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Chicken breast fillets - 500g

Minimum order from Maria Natura €16.

Chicken breast fillets of the excellent brand Maria Natura, is an appetizing and very well recommended product that contains pure chicken meat, that is, it does not have the skin or the bone, so when you eat it you can enjoy all its magnificent delight and his generous food contribution. However, the best part is that it does not contain fats.

    Tasty Chicken Breast in Filets by Maria Natura, is obtained meticulously from the most succulent, natural and nutritious part of the chicken, for your healthy enjoyment

    Chicken Breast in Filets by Maria Natura, is a delicious meat that is obtained essentially of the most stupendous and valuable portion of the chicken. So, it is less greasy. Therefore, this meat product helps you to reduce the fats and / or calories of your diet, helping you to complement it with the best nutritional contribution.

    In addition, they are a hundred percent healthy choice for a barbecue or to prepare at home a healthy healthy meal. This chicken breast fillets facilitate your culinary agility because instead of coming whole, is fully prepared. That is to say, steamed in rich fillets and preserved with organic salt. This way, you save time and for the boys it is a more entertaining option to eat rich chicken, because, this breast is easier to chew and its taste really the most delicious. For those strict and even delicate palates, this product will be a delicacy.

    Now, this breast is made essentially with the softest, softest and most delicious meat of the chicken. So, it does not have the skin of the animal or the bones, much less the fat, so this product is totally defatted, especially for a light tasting, healthy and suitable, for all people who want to include a succulent cut every day of chicken in your diet plan. Also, by eating this food, you digest it better without feeling heavy, which is sometimes caused by the possible excesses of fatty meats.

    Something interesting, of this exquisite breast, is that it constitutes a 100% very valuable lean meat. Thus, this exquisite product provides you with every intake of substantial proteins, therefore, it is ideal for athletes in order to develop the fiber of the muscles very healthily. Also, chicken meat provides exceptional vitamins and essential minerals such as vitamin C, vitamin B, calcium, iron, among others, which are extremely essential for your day to day.

    Chicken Breast in Filets by Maria Natura, apart from being practical, quick and very simple to cook, is also very rich to combine. In that sense, you can combine this tasty product, with rice, soups, stews, salads, barbecues, sandwiches, among others. You can even season it very deliciously with oregano, garlic, dried basil, pepper, among other spices.

    Chicken Breast in Filets Main properties by María Natura

    • Juicy, rich, and pure chicken meat without skin or bones
    • Provides proteins, vitamins and minerals
    • It is easy to chew, eat and prepare
    • It digests better, without heaviness
    • Preserved naturally with pink salt, from the Himalayas
    • Without saturated fats

    Chicken Breast in Fillets by Maria Natura, is one of the meat foods mostly affordable and healthy, to eat healthy. Therefore, take this product so that you consent to everyone at home. Also, if you prepare them well, they will release a delicious taste, which you will never be able to forget again.

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