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Sliced Turkey Breast - 500 g

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Sliced Turkey Breast from Maria Natura is a cut of meat obtained from the best turkeys. Thanks to its properties, it is a nutritional treasure for the human body. It constitutes an excellent product to provide your body with high amounts of proteins, vitamins and minerals. This product is the result of following the most rigorous quality controls.

    Sliced Turkey Breast from Maria Natura provides the human body with great nutritional properties. And if you like to eat lean meat, from this product you will get that at its best.

    Sliced Turkey Breast from Maria Natura is a cut of meat selected from the tenderest turkeys. So, when you buy it you will have at your disposal the opportunity of eating a healthy delicacy, which is presented in slices for convenience at the time of cooking and serving.

    Unquestionably, this is a meat that you should have in your pantry, especially if you are on a moderate, or weight-loss diet. In addition to being a splendid source of protein, it is a light food that is easily absorbed by the body thanks to its low fat content. Once cooked, you get on your table juicy and mouth-watering fillets that you eat at mealtime or snack time.

    Among sophisticated, delicious and fresh dishes, Sliced Turkey Breast from Maria Natura has a privileged position. There are many the benefits of eating such fillets, but being a convenient source of vitamins stands out. Moreover, it also offers a valuable protein content, which will contribute to the formation of muscle tissue, and to complement your diet in a very positive way.

    Sliced Turkey Breast from Maria Natura is a product backed by meat experts everywhere. Plus, Maria Natura always guarantees the highest quality, and its 40 years of experience in the development and production of food supplements take its guarantee to the top. So, when you go out for buying meat, this healthy and nutritious product will the first you put in the shopping basket. Is that enough for you? Sure, it is. Then, enrich your meals with a complete contribution of vitamins, proteins and minerals.

    Sliced Turkey Breast from Maria Natura is 100% natural, free of injections, and has been preserved with Himalayan pink salt, which boosts its flavor incredibly. In addition to being natural, this food supplement maintains its original properties, which bring unique benefits for your body.

    A product designed especially for people leading a full and healthy lifestyle. Sliced Turkey Breast from Maria Natura has, in fact, a very low fat content. Therefore, it can be a food included in a weight-loss diet. Thanks to its flexibility, there are many ways to prepare it, you can cook it on the grill, griddle, or marinated. If you want to give it a juicy touch, you can make it in mushroom sauce, or filled with spinach to boost its taste and healthy properties.

    Facts of Sliced Turkey Breast from Maria Natura

    • Preserved with Himalayan pink salt.
    • A valuable source of protein.
    • Enriched in vitamins and minerals.
    • Has a very low fat content.
    • Excellent results obtained in any way of cooking, for example, roasted, grilled or griddled.
    • A perfect meat to accompany with numerous recipes.

    Sliced Turkey Breast from Maria Natura adds value to your meals, both in taste and nutrients, but also contributes to take care of your figure/physique healthily.

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