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Boneless thigh by Maria Natura allows you to make numerous recipes in the kitchen. A selection of the most tender chicken and that appears in his hands free of bones. It has a contribution rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals, being also a product of very easy digestion. This supplement is made with the best methods to ensure maximum quality.

Muslo deshuesado - 500g

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    Boneless thigh by Maria Natura, a valuable source of protein to complete your nutrition. Make the most varied and healthy recipes!

    Boneless Thigh by Maria Natura comes from a meticulous selection of the most tender chicken. It is presented, as the name suggests, free of bones for a more comfortable and practical preparation. An alternative to save time and get a perfect cut. In addition, using boneless chickens in the kitchen decreases the cooking time.

    María Natura supports its food with more than 40 years of experience in the production and selection of meat, guaranteeing its highest quality. Fortunately, there are many options that exist to cook the delicious boneless thigh by Maria Natura. You can cook with a delicious mushroom sauce with chopped muslitos, mix with pasta and seasoned potatoes or also enchant with the accompaniment of an onion sauce.

    Similarly, if you want to make a lunch or a dinner for several people, cook them in the oven or sautéed, without a doubt, one of the most traditional dishes. Do not stop buying the delicious boneless thighs.

    Its excellent content in proteins, vitamins and minerals, makes it very easy to introduce the boneless thigh by Maria Natura in the diet of each day. Nothing better than enjoying an option with explosive flavors that can be added to healthy consumption.

    This proposal has a perfect texture for the kitchen, which also leaves the best sensations on the palate. It is tender, soft and delicate, but with a taste to suck your fingers.

    The tasty Boneless Thigh by Maria Natura is preserved by the Rose Salt of the Himalayas, always guaranteeing its natural properties and a complete contribution to your nutrition. Chicken is a fundamental food in a balanced diet and best of all, it is very versatile in the kitchen to make different recipes.

    It is really low in fat and calories, providing high levels of protein and nutrients in each preparation. It is an ideal product to surprise and enchant your loved ones, get this delicious supplement to transform your dishes.

    Boneless thigh by Maria Natua properties

    • From the most tender chicken.
    • Totally boned, that is, free of bones.
    • Excellent cut to make sautéed, baked, grilled or grilled.
    • It is conserved by the Pink Salt of the Himalayas.
    • A chicken with a high protein content.
    • It provides high energy values.
    • Low in fat content and added sugars.

    Boneless Thigh by María Natura is a simple and practical alternative for cooking numerous recipes. It is a product acquired from the most tender chicken to offer a unique quality of experts. Make your dishes without worrying about deboning the meat, as it appears free of bones and ready to cook, whether sautéed, baked, grilled or grilled.

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