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Minimum order from Maria Natura €16. Easter sausage by María Natura, is a tasty sausage, which reminds us day after day of the typical Valencian recipe, where the most delicious pork is perfectly included, seasoned with delicious spices. However, this exquisite product is a much healthier version.

    Easter sausage by María Natura, is made with tradition. But, with more natural, healthy, and nutritious content

    Easter sausage by María Natura, is a delicious sausage, which is handmade according to the traditional Valencian recipe. In that sense, it is prepared deliciously with lean pork meat, and rich spices, which are mixed, and then, stuffed in a narrow, completely natural belly. In this way, this product is tasty for tapas, eat as an appetizer, or accompany with bread, crackers, and crackers.

    Easter sausage by María Natura, is a rich sausage that expresses all the craftsmanship and tradition of the Valencian community. In this case, it is prepared exactly, following the typical recipe, but instead of becoming a fatty or very unsuitable sausage, this product is entirely natural.

    Certainly, it is made very rich, with lean meat, fresh and delicious pork, but, to add more taste, you will spread generously, some organic spices, being you, are responsible for that this artisanal sausage does not repeat its flavor, but rather be incredibly unique.

    Once the succulent ingredients of this authentic Easter sausage by María Natura are selected, these are crushed, and then, stuffed in a very meticulous way in a narrower gut, than the conventional ones. Also, this sausage, is more elongated, with a nice consistency that makes this product very irresistible, with an unbeatable flavor. In addition, its origin is natural, being thus, an appetizing Longaniza of Easter of Maria Natura less fatty, ideal for healthy diets, slimming, sports, and more.

    This Easter sausage de Maria Natura has the advantage of being incredibly nutritious, because, for every 80 gr, it offers you 32.1 gr of protein, a surprising amount, to be a rich sausage, and tempting to delight. So, when you eat it, no matter how you prefer, you will be balancing your dietary plan, and the best thing is that it will not degrade your healthy life rhythm. On the contrary, this tasty sausage, is thought entirely, to help you achieve your goals, without stopping to enjoy.

    This typical Easter Sausage from María Natura can be tasted in a thousand ways. Whether you like to tapas, to eat as an aperitif, or to accompany crackers, cookies, and bread, in a pleasant meeting with friends and family. Also, you can delight in this appetizing meat product, with a good wine or cocktail, to relax even more, in your home, or after leaving the office.

    Easter sausage by María Natura properties

    • Inlaid in narrow gut, and natural
    • Provides less fat
    • Seasoned with the richest spices of organic origin
    • Rich in proteins, high percentage
    • Exquisite taste, unique texture, and tempting aroma
    • Handmade, according to tradition

    If you want right now, have your sausages ready at home, to delight you with a divine delicacy, then select this succulent Easter sausage from María Natura. Its rich content is more acceptable, and more, if you diet, or strive every day, to eat healthier.

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