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Minimum order from Maria Natura €16. Sliced loin is a tasty handmade product, by María Natura, that transports you to a dimension of delight, pleasure, and exquisite tasting. Well, this food is stuffed with the most substantial red meat of pork, and the most appreciated organic condiments. For that reason, it has an exquisite flavor, and a provocative color.

    Sliced loin, with a color, and an unmistakable flavor, to enjoy every bite

    Sliced loin, is one of the sausages, most tender, and noble of the pig, and of course, one of the most preferred, by lovers of Mediterranean delights. Undoubtedly, this meat product is an incredible delicacy that can not be missing from your table to stand out. In addition, it is seasoned with oregano, garlic, paprika and salt, which is why it has a lovely flavor.

    Sliced loin is a delicious product, prepared with an exquisite selection of fresh pork and seasonings, which, are "stuffed" into a natural casing, to result in a sausage with the tastiest meat there . In this way, this food is left to macerate completely, with its natural ingredients, and then, it is allowed to cure, so that it is soft, with a red aspect, more or less pinkish, very irresistible.

    This Sliced ​​Pork Loin has the most tender and generous meat of the animal, so its fatty content is greenishly reduced. Certainly, it has a little fat, but this one is completely natural. In addition, it subtly gives you a very juicy appearance, making you unable to say no to this exquisite artisan sausage.

    Thanks to this, this product is the healthiest, with a natural, well-defined concept. In fact, it has no added elements, of any kind, except its appetizing and very appropriate natural condiments

    Sliced loin ​​is pure pork lean meat, therefore, surprises with a great protein source. Thus, it contributes, by serving, about 40.96 gr of protein, which is perfect for those who want to enjoy it, and in turn, follow a moderate diet. In the same way, this product is extremely successful, for those who experience daily, an intense physical exhaustion, like athletes.

    The most excellent thing is that this sausage is already cut and sliced. It is presented in slices, so that it is faster and easier to taste it. You can eat it, whether you fancy it alone, or, in the presence of bread, cookies, crackers, or toast. To tapas, it is also delicious.

    Delicious Sliced loin ​​by María Natura properties

    • Incredible protein contribution
    • Reduced fat
    • Deliciously sausage, with quality ingredients
    • It is preserved with salt
    • Exquisite smoked flavor, delicious aroma, and reddish color, tempting
    • It comes cut, and sliced

    Delight this Sliced loin ​​is what you need to realize, once and for all, that eating, enjoying, and taking care of yourself, are pleasures that have a lot of relationship. Therefore, do not continue postponing your much-deserved delight, and dare to go out of your boring routine, with the taste, and the most divine texture, contained in this sausage, completely natural.

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