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The exquisite Pork Loin Stuffed Sausage from Maria Natura is a sausage stuffed with a prime cut of pork loin. This sausage has a natural casing. It has been seasoned with exquisite natural species in order to bring a quite harmonious and distinctive touch to the palate of the diner.

Lomo embuchado - 500g

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    Pork Loin Stuffed Sausage from Maria Natura represents a delicious food that is easy and quick to prepare. Get a valuable source of protein and enrich your diet!

    Pork Loin Stuffed Sausage from Maria Natura, in addition to the pork loin, is a delicious sausage bathed in the most delicious natural spices. Also, it stands out especially for a slight touch of garlic in its aroma and flavor.

    Pork Loin Stuffed Sausage from Maria Natura is a very appetizing product that has been carefully well produced by Maria Natura's meat experts. In particular, it is an excellent food that you can use as a light, nutritious and delicious snack. A treasure in flavors and nutritional qualities to improve your eating habits.

    Among the many fast-foods available on the market, Pork Loin Stuffed Sausage from Maria Natura has a very special position. A food ready to serve, either on special occasions or during the least expected moments. You can cut it into small slices and accompany with all kinds of dishes. In addition, thanks to its exceptional contribution in proteins, vitamins, minerals and high energy value, it is an excellent and very healthy food that can a plus for your eating habits.

    A food supplement that sets itself apart from conventional sausages, because the meat used has been cured naturally, without being exposed, in any way, to mixtures of fats or sugars. It must be considered that it was not manipulated or altered except by marination in spices such as paprika and garlic. This meat derivative is one of the most natural a person can include into his diet. It is the best representation of a healthy snack, with a very low fat content, but rich in vitamin A.

    This 100% handmade delicious sausage is a valuable source of protein, and in fact, far exceeds the properties of other meats and sausages. You can accompany it with a crunchy vegetable preparation or toast to enjoy different textures. It is fresh, nutritious, and has the potential to boost the flavors of certain dishes. Thanks to this product, fast cooking can also be equally complete and efficient. Simply cut it into thin slices and add ingredients to taste.

    Facts of Pork Loin Stuffed Sausage from Maria Natura

    • Seasoned with natural spices and garlic.
    • Excellent to accompany with toast, bread and crackers.
    • A valuable source of proteins.
    • Excellent contribution in vitamins and minerals.
    • Cured in a 100% natural way in the park: Sierra de María "Los Vélez".
    • Made using exclusively handmade methods. 

    Pork Loin Stuffed Sausage from Maria Natura comes to your hands as a generous source of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Designed to serve along with vegetables, or any kind of crunchy ingredients, in order to obtain a wide range of textures and flavors. Enrich your snacks with small bites full of flavor and nutrients.

    Yago 2018-12-11 22:27:28
    Me gustaría saber los ingredientes de este producto, ya que no los veo especificados en ningún lugar. Gracias de antemano.
    Joel 2018-12-12 10:46:35
    Hola Yago. Manda un email a para que te puedan facilitar los ingredientes.Un saludo.
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