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The tasty Table Cured Loin from Maria Natura is a sausage made of natural gut, seasoned with the tastiest natural spices. It has the ideal consistency to accompany other dishes and delight even the most demanding palates. Luckily, this appetizer is intended for recurrent consumption, offering benefits and properties very important for the body.

Lomo a la tabla - 500g

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    Table Cured Loin from Maria Natura, a sausage to make the most delicious appetizers.

    Table Cured Loin from Maria Natura is contains natural spices that greatly improve its natural flavor. This sausage made from natural gut, is a proposal to accompany any main course, or make more sophisticated appetizers. 

    It is a product made with the greatest care, in order to provide the best culinary experience for the end consumer. Thanks to the production methods used, it has an exquisite taste, as well as a perfect consistency that is fitting to take small pleasures.

    There are many ways to satisfy cravings. However, Table Cured Loin from Maria Natura is a perfect option if you need to do it in a healthy way. It is a product enriched with vitamins, proteins and minerals, with a very poor presence of fats. In addition, as it is a sugar-free product, it is excellent to favor your diet.

    Given its presentation in table, as the name implies, it is a practical and convenient product when it comes to serving. You can chop it into slices, leaving the thickness you deem appropriate, and then season with spices to taste. It is a juicy and fresh piece that allows you to surprise between meals, leaving open the possibility of accompanying with your favorite dishes. Table Cured Loin from Maria Natura is specially intended for people having excellent eating habits. It is an option to provide the body with all the nutrients it needs.

    Table Cured Loin from Maria Natura is a product ideal to enjoy flavors, sensations and exquisite aromas. Unlike other sausages, this one is cured naturally, without being processed with some type of fats and sugars. Likewise, it was not altered, except for the natural spices it contains, which have been selected exclusively to give a different touch.

    Moreover, Table Cured Loin from Maria Natura is a product so delicious that it will add great flavor and aroma to your dishes. For this same reason, it is an intelligent choice for your pantry. All this without mentioning that it is very well supplied with extraordinary properties, such as vitamins, proteins and minerals, that is, essential components for your whole body to function correctly.

    Facts of Table Cured Loin from Maria Natura

    • Seasoned with natural spices.
    • Sausage perfect to be accompanied with toast, bread or crackers.
    • A rich source of proteins.
    • Excellent contribution in vitamins, proteins and minerals.
    • Exclusively made using handmade methods.

    The tasty Table Cured Loin from Maria Natura has the characteristics that we all look for in a food. It is fresh, delicious and completely healthy. Plus, it has a mouth-watering aroma, and is a perfect option to integrate into snacks, along with some delicious accompaniments such as toast, crackers or buns.

    Yago 2018-12-11 22:25:21
    Me gustaría saber los ingredientes de este producto, ya que no los veo especificados en ningún lugar. Gracias de antemano.
    Joel 2018-12-12 10:48:47
    Hola Yago. Manda un email a para que te puedan facilitar los ingredientes.Un saludo.
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