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Minimum order from Maria Natura € 16. These Loin steaks, are perfectly cut and very well prepared naturally, by the professional butchers by Maria Natura. Therefore, when you eat this meat, you perceive a great quality. Also, they do not have fats, they are low in calories, and they have proteins, so that your good and essential food every day.

    Loin steaks, an authentic and healthy delicacy, to delight your every taste

    These Loin steaks, by María Natura, are cut in a special and comfortable way, especially to make you richer to cook, either adding to recipes or grilling. It is delicious meat, comes from pork, but is not injected, much less processed with fat, so its flavor and content is magnificently natural, light, and even food. Each steak you cook gives you a succulent portion of protein, with few calories.

    If you want to eat real pork now in the company of your family, be inclined to taste these divine fillets of loin, then, they are obtained from a substantial part of the animal, for that reason, their meat is incredibly soft, fresh and appetizing, for employ in a real multitude of recipes. These steaks, put to act your imagination, since you can taste them, as much as you like. In addition, they make the preparation of your meals even faster, because they come ready, so that you only place them in the cooking zone, and ready, rich meat, in minutes.

    With these substantial Loin steaks you can eat well, without sacrificing delight. Well, although it is true that they come from the pig animal as such, we must know that this meat product is incredibly generous. Starting, because it does not have saturated fats, the animal is raised without injections, and of course, the meat is very subtly preserved with pink salt from the Himalayas. The latter has more to offer, such as rich minerals, where it includes calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese, iodine, zinc and chromium.

    In fact, these exquisite loin steaks flavored with natural salt, is a real delicacy, in addition to providing a very exquisite taste, then, this salt replenishes the taste, even, even when you keep the meat, and the days, the sacks of the refrigerator, to brown and cook it, in the hot stove. Actually, it is a combination of divine nourishing components that fit very perfectly. However, something that you will like more of these substantial fillets, is that they are full of proteins.

    For each serving you want to cook, you will be contributing with 20.99 gr of protein, so you do not need to supplement that food with another one. In this case, these succulent and tasty Loin steaks are perfect with a salad, with rice, vegetables, you can even harmonize other recipes, such as sauces, stews, etc. very nicely. There is nothing that prevents you from enjoying this succulent meat, therefore, they have the seal and concept of María Natura, which, assures you naturalness, and supreme quality, in everything you eat.

    Properties of Loin steaks by María Natura

    • Cut in a special way, for greater ease, and delight
    • Soft, tender, juicy and fresh meat
    • Exquisite flavor, in each fillet
    • Preserved naturally, with pink salt from the Himalayas
    • They provide proteins, of incredible value
    • Rich to eat, and eat a balanced diet
    • Low in fat, and calories

    When you want to eat rich meat you should not settle for less, then, the pleasure and the quality of your nutrition come first, so take these provocative tenderloins of Maria Natura, so that you can pamper your palate, and everyone at home.

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