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FIT Hot Dog by María Natura is a product made with chicken breast; perfect for preparing the healthiest and fitness hot dogs in the world. This hot dog has only 99 calories, with few fats and sugar, so you can enjoy it without regrets. It is also extremely rich in protein, as it provides 16 grams per serving.

    Enjoy and take care of your line with the Hot Dog FIT of María Natura. To make hot dogs fitness and healthy

    Hot Dog FIT is a new and original product by María Natura, made with exquisite fresh chicken breast. It is also a hot dog in its more fit version, since it has less fat and sugar. Even by serving gives you about 16 grams of protein with only 99 calories, so you can delight with zero limitations and without any remorse.

    This authentic FIT Hot Dog by Maria Natura is a delicious product that helps you eat hot dogs in an incredibly healthy way. It is a succulent meat food made with chicken breast, similar to a sausage, which you can very easily place it in hot dog bread, accompanied by your favorite sauces, and in that way, begin to delight an exquisite bite. Worthy to be devoured with just tasting it.

    The FIT Hot Dog is only made with chicken breast. Therefore its content is much lighter and entirely convenient to delight without worrying about anything. Also, unlike a common sausage, this product provides you with chicken meat that is quite low in fat and calories, and of course, without adding preservatives or chemical dyes.

    Actually this FIT Hot Dog by Maria Natura is pure chicken meat. It even offers you about 16 grams of protein per serving. In this way you can take care of your line and slender figure, in fact for athletes is a real relief because these nutrients must be present in their daily diet for the proper maintenance of their resistant muscular tissues.

    With the Hot Dog FIT of Chicken Breast by María Natura you will delight the best hot dogs, whether they cause you to prepare them when you get home, after the gym, or you want to share them in a barbecue in the presence of your colleagues or relatives. This product will be a delicacy on the palate of your guests because it has a smooth texture and a magnificently incredible taste that will not leave you bad at any time.

    Fit Hot Dog by María Natura Properties

    • Prepared with chicken breast, fresh and natural
    • Provides few fats, has fewer sugars
    • Rich in protein, approximately 16 gr per serving
    • Gluten free
    • Soft, fleshy consistency and delicious taste
    • Only 99 kcal

    No more excuses to take care of you and at the same time delight a good meal. That's why she buys these FIT Hot Dog by María Natura so that you can make your favorite hot dogs in the healthiest way.

    Recommended use: this FIT Hot Dog from Pechuga can be placed on the grill and cooked a few minutes. You can also boil it in water, until it is well cooked. Finally you place it on the bread, add sauces, cheese, and delight.

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