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Minimum order from Maria Natura €16. Exquisite Fuet by María Natura is a sausage in natural casing, which comes from carefully selected and carefully selected pork. It has been seasoned with natural spices to give the meat an even more delicious and authentic flavor.

    Fuet by María Natura: a juicy sausage to remember the good flavor. Enjoy a delicious snack, but above all healthy

    Fuet by María Matura is a complete and tasty sausage to complement your dishes with a different flavor. It is a food developed on the basis of the freshest pork, very well selected by experts.

    It is an alternative to complete your nutrition in a totally natural and healthy way. It can serve as an aperitif or a snack during the course of the afternoon. This sausage has a distinctive flavor and aroma for the diner's delight.

    Undoubtedly, food is one of the most important aspects in the life of man. Fuet by de María Natura is a sausage to supply with countless nutritional benefits. It is a full source of proteins and carbohydrates, necessary components for the corresponding development of the body. It is a sausage bathed with natural spices and that is ready to cut into slices.

    Fuet by María Natura is not only a tasty food supplement, it has also been enriched with the best handmade methods. It is an option to indulge in small pleasures without interfering in any way with good eating habits. Designed for the recurring consumption of large and small, this sausage can be accompanied with toast, crackers and rolls. A delicacy to take care of your lifestyle and boost your performance at all times.

    This is a product to adapt to a healthy diet, without getting rid of the usual flavor of meat. Thanks to its presentation, it also supposes a totally simple way of serving. It is a quick, comfortable but above all tasty proposal. Fuet by de María Natura is a very fresh food that you can provide to your snacks or snacks. Its excellent flexibility and ability to enhance the flavor of your dishes, makes it widely recommended among diners.

    If you opt for a more developed recipe, you can always accompany your sausage with olives and vegetables. However, if it is still not convincing enough, you can also incorporate it into your pizzas or make a crema de fuet. Your whole family and even your own palate, will appreciate the creativity that appears in the kitchen.

    Fuet by María Natura properties

    • A sausage in natural casing.
    • From the best pork.
    • Developed by artisan methods.
    • Seasoned with natural spices.
    • Ideal to enhance the flavor of your dishes.
    • Perfect to accompany with toast, crackers and rolls.
    • Provides high protein content.
    • Packed with vitamins and minerals.

    Fuet by de María Natura is a tasty sausage to awaken the best sensations during your snacks. Now your appetizers can be enriched with a pork that stands out especially for its quality. In addition, you have the opportunity to eat a food fully supported by the best handmade methods.

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