Stuffed Sausage is made from a rich variety of foods, such as chicken and pork. In addition, it is seasoned with an exquisite selection of natural spices. It is ideal to taste at any time of the day, accompanying with pieces of bread, toast and even crackers. This food supplement is an authentic delight.

Embutido relleno - 350g

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    Stuffed Sausage by María Natura: A delicious piece to accompany with all the dishes

    Stuffed Sausage is a delicacy that offers the best flavors to your main dishes. A piece of meat that is seasoned with the tastiest natural spices.

    Thanks to its cylinder shape, it is also a very practical accessory that can be served without any inconvenience. It also proposes the best sensations for smell, taste and sight. It is a versatile food that you can always include in all the dishes you have in mind. A marvel of flavors that can be complemented with tomatoes, rice, rolls, toast or crackers.

    The ideal complement to vary your diet routine, promoting healthy, delicious and authentic consumption. Stuffed Sausage is a piece of meat packed with the tastiest natural ingredients. Thanks to its protein content, you can give back to your body, preparing it not only for a correct diet, but also for day-to-day activities. This piece has been prepared through a natural procedure, to make your breakfasts, lunches or dinners, the most fit and healthy.

    Stuffed Sausage is a fresh, versatile and enriching proposal. A complement that allows you to develop tastier dishes according to your tastes. Ideal to accompany with other salty or sweet foods, in order to enhance your eating in flavor and improve your culinary experience. A product to adapt to healthy life without losing the pleasures offered by chicken and pork. Enjoy the same flavor, but enhancing the nutritional values.

    In addition, thanks to its presentation, you can easily conserve and prolong its durability for long periods of time. From its elaboration process, Stuffed Sausage preserves its nutritional properties, with a taste to suck your fingers. A proposal to repower your diet, with an incredible content of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Thanks to the Stuffed Sausage, you also get high energy degrees to undertake all the responsibilities.

    Stuffed sausage by María Natura facts:

    • Stuffing ingredients such as chicken and pork.
    • Seasoned with natural spices.
    • Elaborated by hand.
    • Enriched with proteins, vitamins and minerals.
    • Perfect to preserve for long periods of time.
    • It offers high energy values.

    Stuffed Sausage is a traditional proposal to harmonize your taste senses. A piece that mixes the best components, such as meat, chicken, pork and natural spices. This supplement reinforces your diet with contributions rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. A product for children, youth and adults. Ideal to include with all the food components you have in mind.

    Antonio 2019-04-01 13:00:39
    Hola, teneis informacion de la tabla nutricional ?. Gracias
    Joel 2019-04-01 16:40:22
    Hola antonio, aqui tienes la web oficial donde puedes encontraar mas informacion acerca del producto. Un saludo.
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