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Minimum order from Maria Natura €16. Embossed tile by María natura elaborated by artisan techniques, essential characteristics of the grandmother, which consists in filling natural casing with the best lean meat combined with natural spices, which makes it a healthy and nutritious product for all members of the family.

    Embossed tile by María natura will provide you with that incomparable flavor that you will want to repeat many times of the best flavor.

    Embossed tile by María natura, is a product made with more natural and healthy ingredients that you can find in the market, because its preparation is given by the combination of better lean pork meat seasoned with natural spices and salt which is introduced into the natural casing . It should be noted that this Embossed tile has a mild flavor.

    To delight the whole family and nourish them with the best flavor, it is necessary to choose products that are healthy and the most important thing is that they provide excellent benefits for your daily diet, for this reason Embossed tile by María natura, is that perfect option to please everyone the members of the family with the magnificent taste of this Embossed tile.

    The surprising thing about this type of Embossed tile is that you can prepare it in many ways and you can delight with its flavor as many times as you consider necessary, it should be noted that this wonderful product can be consumed by the whole family because its particular nutritional characteristics adapt to the nutritional needs of each member for that reason, Embossed tile by María natura is the best you can place on your table.

    Embossed tile by María Natura properties

    • Product of meat category
    • Grandma's traditional recipe
    • Made with natural spices and natural casing
    • Made with lean pork meat
    • Delicious and healthy
    • It has a mild flavor
    • It has a strong smell
    • Guaranteed quality
    • Versatile in the kitchen
    • Ideal for the whole family
    • Unmatched taste
    • Store in the refrigerator
    • It contains salt

    María natura places at your disposal a Embossed tile with an unparalleled flavor and hailed quality that can be consumed by everyone in your home and the most outstanding of this wonderful product is that it has nutritional and healthy characteristics and is very versatile in your kitchen. is ideal to annex both your daily diet and the daily diet and the whole family, is this opportunity places within your reach the Blanquillo Embossed tile of Maria natura the best choice that will fill with much satisfaction all the majestic benefits offered by this product we invite you not to hesitate to bring and place on your table every day the best Embossed tile on the market.

    Recommended use: This Embossed tile can be attached to many dishes because you can eat it as an aperitif, as a toast companion, as you can include it in your breakfasts or also in combination with bread and many other combinations and the most outstanding is what you can consume at the time you want to give you a treat with something delicious.

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