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Egg white liquid by Maria Natura is an organic product, with which you can prepare your most delicious meals every day, in a simpler and more nutritious way. This exquisite complement is quite ideal to make smoothies, biscuits, creams, pancakes, and others.

Egg white liquid - 1l

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    Egg white liquid by Maria Natura, the best product to avoid waste and enjoy the most nutritious of the egg

    Egg white liquid by María Natura, is a highly nutritious product, obtained from the chicken's egg. In this way, you take advantage of the most substantial part of the egg, without waste.

    In addition, this liquid food facilitates the preparation of your appetizing foods, such as pancakes, smoothies, biscuits, and more. You can store this egg white in the fridge, every time you use it, then it is completely pasteurized, especially for better quality and conservation.

    This practice Egg white liquid by María Natura facilitates egg consumption in all households. With this healthy product you do not need to waste the yolk, nor the shell, as it comes completely ready. Either to use, as a binding element in your biscuits, creams, or to enrich your pancakes, pancakes, smoothies, meringues, and all those foods, where the egg is the most essential ingredient.

    When performing physical exercise, to gain muscle mass, this liquid food is very suitable to add to the protein shakes, which athletes usually take on an empty stomach. Adding this egg white, helps save time, and of course, releases a very remarkable fraction of rich proteins, essentially, to nourish the muscles.

    A particularity, of this tasty Egg white liquid by María Natura, is that it is the most nutritious part of the egg in general. In that sense, it contains a large amount of water, and essential proteins, which are translated into amino acids, very vital for your body. Also, this product contains more vitamins and minerals than the same egg yolk. In addition, you can find enzymes, folic acid, niacin, riboflavin, and many other organic substances, essential for your diet.

    In a nutshell, this liquid food is incredibly complete. However, the most desirable thing is that your calories and fat are really minimal. Therefore, this healthy product is a good complement, if you want to maintain your weight, or, you want to eat every day, healthier or lighter.

    Egg white liquid by María Natura properties:

    • Chicken egg, 100% natural
    • Contains the most nutritious part of the egg
    • Rich in proteins, and essential nutrients
    • Pasteurized product, for higher quality
    • Easy storage, long storage
    • No dyes, persevants, or additives

    This Liquid and Natural Egg White is ideal to include the most nutritious of the egg in your dietary plan, both in yours and in that of your relatives. With the total security, that you will be providing, very generously, a super food, and extremely healthy

    With this rich Liquid Egg Clara by Maria Natura you can prepare succulent pancakes, smoothies, biscuits, creams, pancakes, cookies and much more.

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