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Chicken breast dumplings - 500g

Minimum order from Maria Natura €16. Chicken breast dumplings elaborated by widely natural means, give you a wealth in nutritional contributions. Get a valuable source of protein, trying a different, practical and tasty alternative. A food supplement to savor with the guarantee of quality first.

    Chicken breast dumplings by María Natura offer you a practical and tasty proposal to show off in the kitchen. Enhance the flavor of your dishes with this delight!

    The Chicken Breast dumplings by María Natura bet on practical, fast and tasty cuisine. This food supplement comes in small cubes to accompany the dishes of your choice.

    A delicacy that can be included in different recipes according to your personal tastes. This product of the highest quality offers an incredible nutritional section to never lose good habits. These exclusive cubes include the most appetizing qualities: they are tender, tasty and very fresh.

    Maintain a healthy lifestyle with the tasty chicken breast dumplings by María Natura. In addition to incorporating high energy values, it comes with a valuable source of protein to introduce into any diet. Now you can indulge your appetite with a product free of saturated fats and added sugars. A perfect alternative if you want to favor muscle tissue. Thanks to its numerous nutritional benefits, it is necessary to introduce in your daily dishes.

    A complement that guarantees great results after cooking, chicken breast dumplings by María Natura, stands out for its presentation in small pieces, favoring 100% comfort and practicality in the kitchen. It also guarantees a tender texture and a unique flavor to pamper your palate. This juicy appetizer can be included especially in pasta, rice and salads. However, you can also supplement with your cooked potatoes, vegetables or exotic sauces.

    Thanks to the Chicken Bread dumplings, you can treat yourself with pieces of the most tender chicken. This food supplement has been developed carefully, covering the strictest quality standards. A work made by the kitchen experts that comes to your hands ready to cook and serve in your favorite dishes. Savor some cubes full of flavor and nutritional benefits to keep your body in optimal condition.

    Properties of the exquisite Chicken breast dumplings by María Natura

    • Incredible dice that come from the most tender chicken.
    • Chopped and ready to submit to the kitchen.
    • A valuable source of protein, vitamins and minerals.
    • Increase levels of energy value.
    • Enhance the flavor of your pasta and salads.
    • An excellent quality and with little fat content.
    • Compatible with different recipes.

    The rich dumplings of Chicken Breast by María Natura come from the most tender chicken and guarantee a tasty culinary experience. A product for fast, practical and delicious cooking. Include in your favorite dishes these pieces of chicken and colmate with all its nutritional benefits. These cubes appear with a delicate texture and flavor. Get a tasty alternative and add to your healthy consumption.

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