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Chicken sausage is a delicious product, produced strictly with the natural and natural concept by María Natura. In that sense, it is a sausage prepared only natural and fresh ingredients, therefore, its flavor and content, is very authentic, smooth, and healthy. In addition, this meat food, treasures a significant reduction of fats.

    Chicken sausage with delicious ingredients, for better flavor, and a better aroma.

    This Chicken sausage is a tasty sausage, which is composed primarily of pieces of ground chicken, fresh peppers, and rich spices. In this way, its flavor is divine, smoked and soft, being so, ideal for tapas, eating with bread, cookies or toast. Even, this product is stuffed in gut of great quality, that's why it has a better texture, a rich aroma, and of course, you digest it better.

    Chicken sausage, is an artisan product, which has gone through all the natural and organic manufacturing of María Natura, being this company, leader in creating incredibly healthy food. Therefore, when eating this sausage, you can savor the splendid and marked smoked flavor, which is so characteristic of chorizos, but this time, with a friendly content and a great texture.

    Chicken sausage, is presented entirely, with natural casing, which is extremely suitable, to get the meat to dry out very slowly, and mature at its point. Therefore, a final product is obtained, with irresistible flavor, delicious aroma, and a consistency to be desired. Likewise, this preparation process helps the product to be softer when it is enjoyed, and more pleasant to digest.

    Another delicious particularity, of this Chicken sausage, is that it was not a requirement to add excess saturated fats. On the contrary, it has, basically, the own content of the chicken, so, it is a natural sausage, significantly nutritious. Each serving, that you decide to delight, will be giving you 32.1 gr of protein, accompanied by minerals and vitamins. In fact, it is low in calories, for this reason, it does not make you fat.

    Chicken sausage by María Natura, originally is very juicy, since it is preserved, very naturally, with its own spices, and organic salt. For that reason, it will not lose its charm, even when the days pass, and you have not given yourself the total luxury of tasting this exquisite craft product.

    Certainly, when it provokes you, you can eat it alone, sliced, or very well accompanied, with an exquisite drink. However, if you like to share, you can also get creative, and use this product, to make snacks. Similarly, if you are a fan of pizza, you can add some slices, and voila, its flavor will not go unnoticed when the oven is on your palate.

    Chicken sausage ​​by María Natura properties

    • Stuffed in natural casing, by hand
    • Low in fat
    • Provides proteins, minerals and vitamins, typical of chicken
    • Seasoned with paprika, spices and salt
    • Delicious smoked flavor, exquisite consistency and aroma
    • Easy to eat, and digest
    • Long lasting, naturally preserved

    Incorporate sausages to the diet is something that should be healthy and not a sin, so, dare to enjoy your diet with this appetizing chicken sausage of Maria Natura. You'll see, how well you know, and how much it fits, to your healthy dietary plan.

    Questions and answers
    Me gustaría saber los ingredientes de este producto, ya que no los veo especificados en ningún lugar. Gracias de antemano.
    2018-12-11 22:27:58 Yago
    Hola Yago. Manda un email a info@masmusculo.com para que te puedan facilitar los ingredientes. Un saludo.
    2018-12-12 10:44:12 Joel
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