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Creole sausage is made with natural casings and all kinds of spices to provide it with a juicy and intense flavor. Although in appearance, fragrance and flavor, can resemble conventional pork sausage, this alternative has a really low percentage of fat.

    Creole sausage by María Natura, a delicious way of eating without losing good eating habits. Encourage your consumption with a very healthy meat delicacy!

    Creole sausage by María Natura comes with the delicious taste of conventional pork sausage, with the advantage of having lower levels of fat. Thanks to this food supplement, now you can give yourself the greatest pleasures without risking your diet and figure.

    A meat richness designed to favor healthier lifestyles, with a very low percentage of added fat and sugar. Beyond providing the best nutritional values, it also delights with a familiar, pleasant and warm taste.

    A food supplement that has been made following a recipe from Argentina. Creole sausage consists of natural gut, seasoned with delicious natural spices to enhance the flavor of each bite, making it more intense, juicy and fresh. This is a product that offers great possibilities in the kitchen. It can be cooked on barbecue, grilled and even grilled. It is perfect to accompany in puff pastry and chimichurri sauce. As I could also incorporate with boiled potatoes, vegetables and rolls to vary a bit.

    There are many alternatives for healthy eating and Creole sausage by María Natura is one of them. A nutritional supplement that comes with high nutritional values ​​to greatly enhance your intake. It has a large contribution in vitamins and minerals, but especially in proteins. In addition to having a very low percentage of fat, this product is completely free of unsaturated fats. In fact, it consists of the best properties to allow you a consumption without remorse.

    Creole sausage contributes very well in the development and functioning of your body, allowing you always an excellent absorption of all its nutrients. María Natura supports its highest quality thanks to its excellent reputation in the selection and production of food. This supplement has been prepared using the best methods to guarantee, above all, a culinary experience from another level. Give yourself small tastes with a proposal full of profitable benefits for you.

    Creole sausage properties ​​by María Natura

    • Made with natural casing.
    • It has an intense, pleasant and juicy flavor.
    • It has a very low percentage of fats.
    • A valuable source of protein, vitamins and minerals.
    • Top quality and excellent texture.
    • Perfect for grilling, barbecue or grilling.
    • Compatible with many dishes.

    Creole sausage by María Natura provides not only nutritional values ​​to favor your lifestyle, but also a fresh, delicious and warm flavor for your palate. Vary your options at home with this food supplement recognized in different sectors of the world. An incredible alternative to enhance the flavor of your lunches and dinners.

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