Minimum order on Maria Natura €16. María Natura's Chicken Breast Fit Burgers are a very tasty option to enjoy the best chicken meat. You will not be able to forget the succulent flavors of these burgers, which are the result of the specialized work of the best meat experts. They are preserved with Sal Rosa del Himalaya, in a healthy and delicious way.

4 chicken breast burguers fit - 400g

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    Chicken Breast Fit Burgers by María Natura, the most nutritious and delicious option.

    Combine their incredible flavors with whatever you want! You want to always try a little more! María Natura's Chicken Breast Fit Burgers have been created by expert butchers who work to contribute high-quality meat products.

    In this case they offer hamburgers made with delicious chicken breast, which is highly nutritious, low in fat and also a delight for the palate. In addition, you will have a different experience when consuming them, because they have different flavors that make them a non-conventional food. Like all products of this line, they have been preserved with Sal Rosa del Himalaya that preserves its characteristics in a healthy way, while enhancing its flavor. Do not forget to try everything that the Hamburguesas Fit of Chicken Breast from María Natura offer you. They are excellent for any main meal. Cook them grilled, grilled, baked or microwaved. How do you eat the comas you will benefit from its nutritious meat, its incredible aroma and great taste. You can use whole-grain breads to complete a diet meal. And they have an excellent volume with which you will be satisfied without eating too much. They are perfect for any main meal, for a picnic or for an outdoor barbecue. You can easily prepare them at any time, since you only have to cook them and choose a salad or any other way to accompany them. There are many ways with which you can enjoy the Chicken Breast Fit Burgers by María Natura. Prepare them with a traditional style in round bread with fried potatoes. Do not forget to try them accompanied by tomato and lettuce. If you want a different version, use homemade rustic bread, or some kind of bread with wholemeal flour and seeds. In the same way you can taste it in a dish with mashed potatoes or a bean sautéing. Another way is to bake them with sliced ​​sausages, tomatoes and cheese. And if you are looking for something homemade, different and extraordinarily succulent, you must prepare them with mint and with several kinds of cheeses.

    Properties of Chicken Breast Fit Burgers by María Natura:

    • Made with low-fat chicken breast
    • Preserved with Rose Salt of the Himalayas
    • Varied and novel tastes Easy to cook
    • It allows to prepare meals in a versatile way Hamburguesa Fi of Chicken Breast are ready to be cooked wherever you want, to accompany them with whatever you like.
    • It can be your main meal or the perfect snack at a picnic or outdoor meal.

    Eat them with confidence, because they do not get fat. On the contrary they can be part of a diet to lose weight. It is also an excellent source of protein for athletes. And without a doubt it is for anyone the best chicken burger you can eat.

    Recommended use: You do not have restrictions on your intake. They can be prepared on the grill in the oven or as preferred.

    Opiniones de 4 chicken breast burguers fit - 400g

    Raquel Méndez 2019-02-10 21:22:50
    ¿Entiendo que no tiene mezcla de carne de cerdo?No hay hamburguesas de carne de pavo.
    Joel 2019-02-11 10:21:16
    Hola Raquel! No, no llevan mezcla. Contienen solamente carne de Pechuga de pollo. Un saludo.
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