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4 Fit Camper Chicken Burgers - 400g

Minimum order of Maria Natura € 16. These delicious Fit Camper Chicken Burgers, are a type of burgers, which are prepared carefully, with the best selection of camper chicken, being this, great flavor, and quality. That's why, when you eat this product, you can delight in an enormous taste, that surprises you, and an incredibly smooth texture. In addition, it is free of fats and has more nutrients.

    Delicious Fit Camper Chicken Burgers. For lovers of chicken and healthy burgers

    These burgers, Pollo Campero, are incredibly delicious, to eat on a barbecue, or grilled, sharing willingly, along with your friends, or family.

    This way, it will be the best healthy choice that you will delight in company, since this meat product is completely defatted, has a great flavor, its texture is tender, it gives you nutrients, and the most exquisite of these fascinating natural burgers, is that they have that yellow color, very similar, to the broaster chicken.

    These burgers, from Pollo Campero, are truly special. Well, they have been prepared with the best cut pieces of chicken, which has been bred in such a way that its meat gives you great taste, taste and quality. Generally, this product is a chicken meat, mostly prepared, so its tasting is very appetizing. In addition, it offers a more natural, and perfect tasting, both for children, adults, and all those who love to eat chicken.

    These rich Fit Camper Chicken Burgers, have the peculiarity of having that yellow pigment, typical of the chicken country. That's why, when you fry them, or roast them, they give off an infinitely tasty taste, accompanied by a succulent and extremely crunchy texture, similar to broaster chicken. Certainly, when eating this product, it will make you feel that you are tasting the typical burgers. However, its delightful content, is much more generous, smooth and suitable for you.

    In this case, these Campero Chicken Burgers are completely empty of fat, so, when eating them, you can taste their authentic flavor. In fact, this helps you to digest them better, take advantage of their valuable nutrients, and of course, have a healthier eating rhythm. The good thing is that this product has a good protein intake, contributing about 19.1 gr per serving. Therefore, it feeds you a lot, and helps you naturally balance the protein levels, which at least, your body requires daily.

    With these Campero Chicken Burgers you will not need more, only, your desire to taste a very substantial dish. For that reason, they are very delicious, if you accompany them with burger bread, with a tasty green salad, with rice, or any rich companion of your choice. There are those who embroider this product, for greater taste.

    Properties of these delicious Fit Camper Chicken Burgers by María Natura:

    • Completely defatted
    • They provide proteins, 19.1 gr per serving
    • Yellow color, very rich, and provocative
    • They are fresh, delicious, prepared, and ready to cook
    • Exquisite taste, and tender texture
    • They are natural, extremely healthy
    • Low calories

    If you have right now, a great burger craving, it is best that you buy these succulent and juicy Hamburguesas de Pollo Campero, by María Natura. Its natural content, is the most suitable for you to prepare at home, in addition, they are healthy burgers, ready, waiting for you, so that you throw them to the burning fire of the barbecue. What are you waiting for!

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