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4 Fit Black Angus Burgers - 400 g

Minimum order of Maria Natura €16.

4 Fit Black Angus Burgers from Maria Natura are the best burgers in terms of flavor, texture and quality, since their meat is obtained from the Black Angus breed, being this, better bred and prepared. In addition, they have few fats and enough proteins, so that you only need to enjoy them.

    4 Fit Black Angus Burgers from Maria Natura have a peculiar color, being this one, very representative of all its specialty, rich flavor and softness of their meat.

    4 Fit Black Angus Burgers from Maria Natura are prepared in a special way, with beef, of the Angus breed. That's why, when you prepare them, on the grill, the flavor they get is authentically delicious, with a supreme softness on the palate. In addition, for greater delight, this succulent meat is seasoned with spices that are very mouth-watering, so you will have at your table a truly delicious food that is fit for a king.

    4 Fit Black Angus Burgers from Maria Natura are not like any other typical burger that you prepare on the barbecue. On the contrary, the specialty of this rich meat comes completely from the animal kingdom. Therefore, its taste and texture vary a lot if compared to common burgers. In general, it has a dark appearance, its softness makes you fall in love with it, its taste is so rich and its texture super smooth and juicy that you will have not a single complain about it, you just will want to eat more.

    4 Fit Black Angus Burgers from Maria Natura are prepared with natural beef from the Black Angus veal. For this reason, it is unanimously considered as the best meat, which is especially suitable for the most demanding, exquisite and fine palates. Indeed, the Black Angus is raised in freedom, in extensive pastures, during the first years. And then, they are fed entirely, with organic cereals, mainly, corn. In this way, you get the tastiest, most tender, juiciest and freshest meat slices.

    In addition, this elaboration method is quite suitable, since the selected meat is incredibly defatted. In that sense, it only has a succulent nutritious content, for example, a large protein contribution, where every serving contributes about 19.5 g of protein.

    This is a good amount for our body, thus this product is a food that you eat until you feel satisfied. In fact, for those who try to eat in a more balanced way, these burgers are a good choice for grilling.

    The good thing is that 4 Fit Black Angus Burgers from Maria Natura are previously seasoned with a very aromatic and substantial mixture of spices. For that reason, it is enough to cook them, so that they release, very slowly, all their magnificent juiciness and exquisiteness. Even this meat is preserved by hand, with salt from the Himalayas, which is very beneficial.

    Facts of 4 Fit Black Angus Burgers from Maria Natura

    • Prepared with special meat, from the Black Angus veal.
    • Have supreme softness, juiciness and delicious taste.
    • Provide enough protein per serving.
    • Seasoned and preserved with organic salt and spices.
    • Low in fat.

    Go out of the conventional and dare to eat 4 Fit Black Angus Burgers from Maria Natura. You will be surprised, from the first bite, by all its amazing qualities, after this is what you get from the best meat ever.

    Questions and answers
    para una dieta para adelgazar se puede comer com veo que tiene sal
    2019-09-09 21:49:51 carlos
    Hola Carlos! Son totalmente validas. La cantidad de sal no es muy alta y en una persona deportista el sodio es un mineral esencial. Un saludo!
    2019-09-10 10:01:36 Joel
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    Buenos días, Estaba interesado en las hamburguesas pero me salta una duda con respecto al transporte. ¿Van refrigeradas? Entiendo que aunque sea una entrega en 24h, parece mucho tiempo para estar a temperatura ambiente e incluso a mayor temperatura en la furgoneta de reparto. Gracias y un saludo.
    2019-03-07 13:37:27 Juan Sarabia Mayor
    Hola Juan! Si, los envíos de este tipo de productos se hacen refrigerados. Un saludo.
    2019-03-07 16:42:23 Joel
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