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Beef Steak from María Natura is high-quality beef steak that you cannot fail to include in your daily meals. You will enjoy its excellent flavor, amazing texture and nutritional values. Gain vitality by eating this very low-fat meat that will provide your body with numerous nutritional properties.

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    Beef Steak from María Natura offers important nutrients and flavor. Complete your diet with this high-quality beef cut!

    Beef Steak from María Natura is an excellent beef cutlet that you should have in your refrigerator to cook when you feel like eating a juicy cut of meat. María Natura offers the experience of butchers with more than 40 years in the production and selection of the best cuts of meat.

    In this way, they offer you a product that will provide you proteins and vital amino acids, with a very low level of fats. You can enjoy a delicious cut, excellent for your best recipes, which at the same time, makes a really complete contribution to your nutrition. Red meats are an important part of a healthy diet, and this product is one of the best options you can take advantage of.

    You will not find a product more appetizing than Beef Steak from María Natura. It is one of the beefiest parts of the veal, perfect to use it to prepare mouth-watering meals. Give yourself the pleasure of trying a good grilled steak, which will be juicy and really delicious. It is quality meat, raised in a very natural and healthy way. You can consume it knowing that the best methods have been used for its development, in order to provide highly nutritious and incredibly tasty foods. It is also preserved using Himalayan pink salt, which is nutritious and gives it an excellent flavor.

    Think of all the delicious dishes you can prepare using Beef Steak from María Natura. You should eat it prepared in a rum sauce or in a country stew with various vegetables of assorted colors. It is excellent grilled, accompanied with delicious roasted tomatoes, or with a tasty garnish of legumes. Cook it in the oven with mushrooms and noisette potatoes, or with a preparation of vegetables with red wine. For a succulent meal, you should accompany it with sweet potatoes and baked potatoes. If you want to give it a wild aroma, cook it with herbs such as rosemary, sage and thyme. In the same way, try it with a homemade mustard sauce that will give an unforgettable taste.

    Propiedades del Beef Steak from María Natura

    • Meat very high in proteins.
    • High-quality with little fat content.
    • Excellent to reinforce all kinds of food.
    • Great cutlet for roasting, grills or barbecues.
    • Compatible with a wide range of diets.

    Beef Steak from María Natura is a delicious cut of meat that you must try. This meat will not make put on weight because it has been made with the best quality, which includes a very low level of fat. Enjoy its excellent flavor to prepare daily or special dishes.

    Recommended use: ideal for daily consumption. Cooking on the griddle, grill or in the oven, at the consumer's choice.

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