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Argentine dressing steak - 350g

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Argentine dressing steak, is an excellent meat product, which has been prepared from the most succulent and juicy cut of beef. Therefore, when you eat such meat, its texture is soft, fresh, and quite tasty. In addition, this product has been prepared in the most natural way possible, so that you delight and do not worry about your figure.

    Argentine dressing steak, an irresistible meat cut, and juicy. To receive your guests, in a very special way

    Argentine dressing steak, is a tasty cut of meat, that through its delight, will transport you to all the unique Argentine tradition. Certainly, it has a thickness, and a juicy aspect, so that you taste it very rich in a different and very special food, together with friends, or family. The good thing is that this product is seasoned with organic and natural marinade, that is why it will be an unforgettable delicacy.

    Argentine dressing steak, is a meat cut as special as its original and very splendid flavor. Well, this is obtained, very carefully, from the most tender calf, specifically, from the perpendicular cut, from the ribs of the animal. So, it is a meat product, to which you can perceive a juicy thickness, and it is there, where all its meat, juice, exquisiteness is found.

    The Argentines, usually prepare dressing steak with aromatic herbs, to give an incredible taste. In this case, a pinch of marinade is added to this meat product, accompanied with pink Himalaya salt. The combination of both, give the most succulent flavor, brine, and very addicting. However, this organic salt has more to offer, then, it is rich in minerals, and trace elements, which make this meat cut exceptionally valuable and nutritious.

    Argentine dressing steak is only preserved with its seasonings and organic salt, so you can rely on its full durability, and authentic flavor, even when the days pass, stored in the refrigerator. While other meats are processed, dyed in dyes, and artificially preserved, this divine product is entirely natural, fresh, and delicious.

    With Argentine dressing steak, you will be able to offer your diners an option to delight superbly healthy. However, the best thing about this is that it is low in fat, low in calories, and very high in protein. Without a doubt, it's something that surprises you, so do not stop when you want to cook this meaty steak for your delight.

    In addition, this product, you can accompany it as you want and imagine, that is, with salads, rice, vegetables, garnish, pasta, sauces, etc. Even when cooked, grilled or grilled, the golden color that comes off perfectly harmonizes every corner of your table.

    Argentine dressing steak by María Natura facts:

    • It is obtained from a perpendicular meat cut, very soft, tender and juicy
    • It gilds exquisitely, when cooked
    • Garnished with marinade, spices, and pink salt from the Himalayas
    • Cut by expert butchers, with extensive experience
    • Natural product, without artificial colors, or additives, or artificial perseverants
    • Low in fat
    • Provides proteins

    It is not necessary that you cross the Atlantic to taste the divine specialty, argentine dressing steak. On the contrary, we will make for you, up to your comfort, this tasty Argentine dressing steak by María Natura. Enjoy it as you want, since it does not spoil your wonderful diet, either, it will cause you to add more harmful fats to your diet plan.

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