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Minimum order of Maria Natura € 16. These tasty and succulent Veal Burgers Fit, have arrived for you with all their specialty, so that you enjoy with your family on the grill, in the bread, or as you want. Its delicious flavor and juicy texture will be your best allies, to enjoy at all levels.

    Serve on the grill these juicy and very delicious Veal Burgers Fit, you'll see how its great natural flavor and nutritional content surprises you!

    The Veal Burgers Fit of María Natura, are made with a more natural and nutritious concept, unlike conventional Burgers.

    This meat product is prepared only with the richest cut of beef, without fat, or artificial preservatives, to make your diet, a healthy style. It has even added a touch of pink salt from the Himalayas, this being a natural perseverant, and of course, responsible for bestowing a very fascinating flavor.

    A tasty, well-roasted and pleasantly juicy burger is always an attractive meal to grill. However, if you are careful with your diet, it is better that you opt for more organic and light options, as they are, you are delicious Veal Burgers Fit. Certainly, it is a product that is prepared in the most natural way, that is why, when eating these Burgers, you can only feel all its fresh flavor, a softer and tender texture, and best of all, they are incredibly nutritious.

    The Maria Natura Veal Burgers Fit are not impregnated with saturated fats, like those Burgers you typically get in the market. In this case, this delicious product, only retains the fats of beef, so its fat percentage is quite acceptable, to enjoy without guilt. Now, what is left over in these light Burgers is a generous and very substantial portion of proteins, which can not be absent in your diet, as they influence your satiety, and the optimal development of your muscle tissues.

    Each portion of these juicy burgers, will be providing 20 grams of protein. A portion more than enough, to complement the protein requirements of your day. However, this excellent product has very few calories, especially to take care of your weight, and therefore, not detract from it, while you enjoy everything, an excellent and very succulent beef.

    These Calf Burgers by María Natura are made by the expert butchers of María Natura, with more experience in the market. Through 40 years, this company has produced the most splendid and exclusive cuts of meat, so these rich Burgers are not far behind.

    In this way, this product only contains natural meat, without any artificial additives. In addition, the only preservative that has been used is the pink salt of Himalaya, which is very healthy, and rosearla, impregnates a surprising taste.

    Properties of Veal Burgers Fit by María Natura

    • Prepared with natural veal meat, well cut, of good quality
      Preserved and seasoned with pink salt from Himalaya
      They provide 20 gr of proteins
      Low fat, and calories
      Amazing taste, very juicy, and tender

    The Veal Burgers Fit of María Natura will be your best guests, when it comes to barbecue at home. Either to enjoy them in the company of your family, friends, or alone, well, an appetizing hamburger is always synonymous with pleasure, pleasure and fun. Place them on the grill or pan, well, their divine flavor will not be at all indifferent.

    Customer reviews: 4 Veal Burgers Fit - 400g

    1 Reviews
    Very good hamburgers, you can freeze and use when you need them.
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    Buenas, para pedirhamburgesas cual seria pedido minimo y envio?
    2019-02-15 16:27:54 Victor piñero vera
    Hola para envios gratuito es con la compra de 60 euros de estos productos, por lo demás se le cobrará envió. Un saludo
    2019-02-16 11:19:50 Beltran
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