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List of products by brand Maria Natura

María Natura is a new line of meat products launched by the company Conchillo Castillo. This healthy line of first-class food products was created in 2016 with the aim of the company venturing into the production of healthy foods through the use of natural ingredients of the highest quality, making its way into the most important international markets.

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On sale!4 chicken breast burguers fit - 400g

4 chicken breast burguers fit - 400g

Maria Natura

Minimum order on Maria Natura €16. María Natura's Chicken Breast Fit Burgers are...
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On sale!Egg white liquid - 1l

Egg white liquid - 1l

Maria Natura

Minimum order from Maria Natura €16. Egg white liquid by Maria Natura is an...
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Hot dog fit de pechuga de pollo - 100g

Fit Hot dog - 100g

Maria Natura

FIT Hot Dog by María Natura is a product made with chicken breast; perfect for...
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The brand María Natura is comprised of an extraordinary line of 100% healthy food products, which are totally free of agents unfavorable for the body, with important nutritional values, proteins and minerals and other nutrients beneficial to the body and with very little contribution of fats, sugars, salt and carbohydrates, due to the fact that they are made through the use of natural ingredients of the highest quality, which are subjected, throughout the production process, to the most rigorous standards of quality and control of guarantees in a continuous search to improve more and more and offer the general public the healthiest food products that, in addition to take care of the health of the consumers, constitute an excellent alternative to get out of the monotony and to pamper the palate.

The first great success of the María Natura line was the launch of its delicious Burger Fit in 4 incredibly nutritious, delicious and healthy presentations: Chicken Breast, Chicken Breast Campero, Veal and Black Angus. Then, through the implementation of a research and development department within the company that was exclusively oriented to the processing and distribution of consumer products for a healthy diet, a vast range of products have been added to its lists and catalogs, among which we can find different categories; in the category of Premium meat products we have: Kobe loin, Kobe low loin, Kobe high loin. In the Cárnica Despensa category we can find: Farm Chicken Breast, premium beef steak, Boneless Leg, T-bone Steak, Marinated Chicken Wings, Chicken Breast Fillets, Beef Tenderloin, Chicken Sausages, Chicken Breast Bits, Creole Chorizo, Salami with Nuts, Pork Tacos, Grandma's Salami, Blood Sausage with Pine Nuts, Diced Chicken Breast, among many others that will make your mouth water.

And that is not all, as we cannot fail to mention the famous Fit sausages. In such category we have: Sliced ​​Chicken Chorizo, Stuffed Sliced ​​Loin, Sliced ​​Chicken Salami and Chicken Strips. All of them that have taken the brand María Natura to a privileged position as a reference locally and also at the global level to protect their position of honor in the industry. All thanks to its creators and other people who have devoted their life to the company and every day work together to offer the best of the best. María Natura is always betting on the evolution and innovation in terms of the production of excellent foods, but without leaving behind the knowledge and the legacy of the precursors of the company who, with the unconditional support of their family and with their foundations centered on the values ​​of honesty, effort and a lot of humility, turned their company into the most important butcher's shop of Vélez - Rubio, in Spain.