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Teppanyaki chicken with vegetables - Mana Foods

Teppanyaki Chicken with Vegetables by ManaFoods is a delicious, nutritious and healthy oriental dish, with high quality ingredients. You can enjoy at any time of day. It has a good amount of ingredients, but it has a very low amount of calories, which makes it extremely healthy.

    Teppanyaki Chicken with Vegetables by ManaFoods, a healthy and balanced meal, low in calories and also with a delicious flavour.

    Teppanyaki Chicken with Vegetables by ManaFoods is a dish that combines the oriental flavours and tradition, since it is carefully prepared by certified professional chefs and nutritionists, in order to guarantee a perfectly balanced meal. It also has all the necessary nutrients your body needs to have a healthy lifestyle. Teppanyaki Chicken with Vegetables by ManaFoods is made with excellent quality ingredients, since the vegetables it includes are all from organic, clean crops, without artificial fertilizers or pesticides that modify their benefits. In addition, it contains chicken breast carefully marinated with a teppanyaki sauce, and different types of vegetables such as onion, broccoli, and carrot. Vegetables are low in calories and provide excellent amounts of protein improving the development of your body as well as promoting better nutrition and as a result, better health.

    Main characteristics of Teppanyaki Chicken with Vegetables by Mana Foods

    • It is a meal prepared by professional chefs and nutritionists
    • It has a delicious and extraordinary flavour
    • It is made with premium grilled chicken breast
    • It has a very low calorie index
    • It provides good amounts of protein
    • It is made with organic and high quality vegetables
    • It is a nutritious and balanced meal
    • It has an excellent oriental flavour
    • It is perfect to eat at any time
    • It improves the quality of your diet
    • It promotes good health
    • It has a high nutritional value
    • It improves energy and vitality
    • It is perfect for weight loss diets

    Ingredients and format of Teppanyaki Chicken with Vegetables by Mana Foods

    Teppanyaki Chicken with Vegetables by ManaFoods is a fresh, perfectly packaged and sealed meal. It ready to heat up and enjoy whenever you want or as a main course at breakfast, lunch or dinner.

    Chicken Teppanyaki with Vegetables by ManaFoods is made with high quality chicken breast, grilled and marinated with an exquisite Teppanyaki sauce. It also contains clean crop vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, onions and ginger, which provide an extraordinary flavour.

    Benefits of Teppanyaki Chicken with Vegetables by Mana Foods

    Teppanyaki Chicken with Vegetables by ManaFoods is a prepared meal and it is ready to enjoy whenever you want. Just heat up the food and you will have it ready in one moment. A highly nutritious meal, low in calories, which will help your health and at the same time, a delicious and characteristic flavour of the Far East.

    Teppanyaki Chicken with Vegetables by ManaFoods is suitable for anyone, mainly for athletes or people with low-calorie diets.

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