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Kung pao chicken - Mana Foods

This product is created in a deconstructed format by ManaFoods. It brings you all the flavour of Oriental cuisine in a super food consisting of chicken breast without chopped skin, marinated and sauteed, with a garnish of broccoli, zucchini, and Basmati rice from India that will help you to reduce your levels of cholesterol, to prevent cardiovascular diseases, to regulate intestinal transit and to recover energy.

    Kung Pao Chicken, Sichuan food in a healthy way!

    The flavour of the Sichuan culinary is at your disposal, thanks to this excellent super food meal, Chicken Kung Pao by ManaFoods. As its advertising shows, feel how energy flows throughout your being, a simple dish that you can prepare in a short time. It combines ingredients that are a source of essential nutrients from different food groups originating from proteins, carbohydrates, fiber and healthy fats. Unstructured food with without marinated and sauteed chicken breast without chopped chicken skin. It has seasonal wild fruits such as broccoli and zucchini. In addition, from the Middle East, specifically from India, Basmatti rice, a delicious recipe with walnuts instead of peanuts as in the original one. All of its ingredients provide enough energy to reactivate the body, with benefits to restore our intestinal transit reinforcing the defenses of the body and preventing future cardiovascular risks.

    Characteristics of Kung Pao Chicken by Mana Foods

    • It is a deconstructed super food with chicken breast, fresh vegetables, walnuts and basmati rice.
    • It provides energy.
    • It controls cholesterol levels.
    • It collaborates with intestinal health.
    • It decreases cariovascular risks.

    What is in each Kung Pao Chicken by Mana Foods?

    It is packaged in a food container in a structured way 493Kcalorías (575g)

    Ingredients: Basmati rice 120g, Broccoli 40g, zucchini 80g, walnuts 15g, chicken breast 200g. Total proteins 52.1285g, total carbohydrates 37.4165g, fats 16.1175g of which saturated 2.6035g, fibers 3.325g, total sugars 2.4675g.

    Why Kung Pao Chicken by Mana Foods?

    The main advantage of preparing this type of unstructured food, is its nutritional contribution and also the variety of nutrients that are easily available in just one single dish. You will have healthy food with all the energy you need to face your daily routine. The main reason is our fast pace of life. We usually do not have enough time to prepare something healthy and balanced. Commonly, we are used to buy fast food that we get on the sidewalks and it gives us insufficient energy by throwing empty calories and harmful fats that leads to intoxicating and spoiling our body. But, this product gives you an Asian cuisine choice that takes care of your health and body. Each ingredient gives you protein through chicken breast, with a minimum of saturated fats, all the fiber and carbohydrates. It has broccoli, zucchini and Basmati rice - a species of brown rice from India that is high in fiber, vitamins and minerals - that helps to restore intestinal transit until the last period of digestion. It also has essential fats like walnuts and antioxidants that help to digest and remove undesirable substances, strengthening the immune system, clearing arteries, allowing circulation to flow preventing heart-related diseases.

    Recommended for men and women of all ages, especially for those who want to keep a nutritious diet either for aesthetic purposes, health or to improve sports performance.

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