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Chocolate Sponge Cake by Manafoods is an excellent chocolate sponge cake on the market, made by the best chefs and nutritionists to offer you a delicious dessert and at the same time, a healthy one. You can enjoy a sweet dish without worrying about your health or the calories. It will probably become your favourite dessert.

    Enjoy the sweet flavour of this Chocolate Sponge Cake by Manafoods, a highly healthy and balanced dessert made for you.

    Chocolate Sponge Cake by Manafoods is a delicious chocolate cake made by the best nutritionists and chefs, to offer you a delightful dessert with an exquisite flavour but highly healthy. It adapts to your healthy diet, so that you can enjoy a sweet dish without worrying about your health or calories especially if you are on a diet to keep a fit body. Chocolate Sponge Cake by Manafoods is made using alternative ingredients, such as oats, a super food recognized for its beneficial properties for health, since it provides a good amount of vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber. At the same time it has egg whites, recognised for being an excellent source of protein. So, it is a good alternative for healthy eating, with an incredible flavour, without fats that may deposit in your body, a whim within reach of everything that you will love.


     Essential characteristics of Chocolate Sponge Cake by Manafoods

    • It is a delicious and nutritious chocolate cake
    • It is made with ingredients of natural origin
    • It is totally balanced and healthy
    • It is rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber
    • It is low in fat and sugar
    • It perfect for athletes
    • It has no artificial ingredients of any kind

     What does the Chocolate Sponge Cake by Manafoods provide?

    This incredible food supplement included in a container that provides its optimal conservation, keeping it fresh. It is also made of biodegradable material, so it causes a minimal impact on the environment. At the same time, this dessert is made with completely natural ingredients, in its right amounts and appropriate, which make it reliable, rich and safe to eat.

    Chocolate Sponge Cake by Manafoods contains blueberries, ground oats, defatted cocoa, egg whites, liquid sweetener, yeast and 0% Greek yogurt.

    Benefits of the Chocolate Sponge Cake by Manafoods

    Chocolate Sponge Cake by Manafoods is an extremely rich dessert with balanced ingredients, smooth texture, made with the delicious sweet taste of chocolate, which makes it irresistible. But the best of all is that it is completely nutritious and healthy since it provides protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber to stay active in your daily routine. In addition, it is also low in fats and sugars, so it contributes to good health and also to your physical goals, helping to keep a fit body. Definitely, it is the best option you can choose. Its ingredients have a natural origin, selected for their freshness and their nutritional benefits.

    Chocolate Sponge Cake by Manafoods is recommended for athletes and all those who have a healthy and balanced diet, who want to enjoy a rich chocolate dessert without giving up their diet and contributing to their healthy lifestyle. Don't wait any longer and buy it right now.

    Chocolate Sponge Cake by Manafoods

    • Enjoy the delicious flavour of this dessert
    • Eat it at snack time or whenever you want
    • You can enjoy it daily and get all its excellent benefits
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