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Chicken with rice and broccoli - Mana Foods

Super food that comes in an unstructured format. The Maui kitchen brings you the opportunity to enjoy roasted chicken breast with rice and broccoli with all its proteins, low in fat, slow absorption carbohydrates, fibers, vitamins and many minerals. It will help you to lose weight and keep a healthy body with all the energy that you need.

    Chicken with Rice and Broccoli, very easy to prepare fitness food!

    In the market there is a wide variety of supplements used as a support for your diet but, not all of them help you to have a healthy, balanced and complete diet. ManaFood, is a company specialized in nutrition and it focus on providing energy to your body. Their deconstructed foods allow you to bring healthy food to your daily diet. This product offers you a grilled chicken breast, which means protein for your muscles with low fat, helping you to lose weight and build a lean mass. It includes brown rice, a source of protein and fiber. It also has broccoli, a vegetable that will provide us with vitamins and minerals that helps our immune system. It is a very easy and you can prepare it very fast so you will not need a lot of time to have a delicious meal. And it has a very good price.

    What are the characteristics of Chicken with Rice and Broccoli by Mana Foods?

    • It is a deconstructed food with chicken, rice and broccoli.
    • It has a high value and low fat protein.
    • It is perfect for keeping good triglyceride and cholesterol levels.
    • It is a practical food solution, easy to prepare.

    What does Chicken with Rice and Broccoli have?

    It has a bioplastic Taper (biodegradable and environmentally friendly), it includes 470g of unstructured food.

    Ingredients: Garlic 0.02g, EVOO 0.25g, Basmati Rice 150g, Broccoli 120g, Onion 0.01g, Breast 200g, Ground Pepper 0.03g, Himalayan Pink Salt 0.02g, Seasoning Salad 0.08g. Total calories 354.36 Kcal, total proteins 49.35g, total carbohydrates 26.20g, fats 6.55g, Fibers 3.19, sugars 1.91g, saturated 1.67g

    Chicken with Rice and Broccoli by Mana Foods

    There are many benefits that you can get with this type of dishes, since it guarantees a balanced diet with most of the food groups and all the nutrients you need that will help you to improve your anatomical and physiological structure, strengthening muscles and bones. In addition, your defense system is empowered, since your strength is increased and extra energy is added. Stay active and do not let bad habits come to tour life. It improves your mood, since it is shown that a good diet improves our mood. Our digestive system is like a second brain that is related to our emotions. ManaFoods offers you an excellent quality and healthy food that can be prepares in a short time. Buy it with a good and excellent price. This type of product gives you all the fiber you need for better ingestion, digestion, absorption and expulsion. In addition, vitamins and minerals are the nutrients that our body normally needs.

    Recommended for men and women of all ages, especially those who practise sports activities, athletes in training, fitness routines, to regulate the diet for obese people and lower cholesterol and triglycerides in the bloodstream to avoid cardiovascular diseases.


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