Sauerkraut Bio from Machandel is a natural food, made of white cabbage, which provides vitamin C, lactic acid, enzymes. Its preparation is produced by fermenting cabbage leaves in brine (salt water), adding juniper berries, benefits the digestive system, relieves stomach discomfort, flatulence and intestinal colic.

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    Sauerkraut Bio from Machandel, delicious sour cabbage to enjoy with sandwiches or other dishes.

    Sauerkraut Bio from Machandel is a recommended food for people who want to facilitate their digestive function and improve assimilation of them, as well as, remove excess liver fat.

    It is a product made of fermented white cabbage of excellent quality from organic and biodynamic farming which makes it fit to be consumed with the guarantee that it will generate well-being and health in its consumers. It can be an alternative as a garnish to accompany any protein especially meat, facilitate the digestion of these foods and improve their assimilation. This product comes in glass container for its best conservation, with added sea salt and wild juniper berries totally ecological.

    Digestive function is very important for the body, people need to consume, digest, assimilate food in the best way. Sauerkraut Bio from Machandel, because of its fermentation has a high content of Lactic Acid which is important for the bacteria of the stomach and intestines. It is considered as a food probiotics, which are microorganisms that stimulate benefits in digestive and intestinal function. That is why among its benefits is to protect the intestinal flora that is very important for the proper operation of the immune system, especially the lymphoid tissue associated with the mucosa of the intestines. Bacteria found in the intestinal flora protect our immune system. Also, Because of its contents of enzymes, it favors the digestion as well as the absorption of the nutritious contents of the foods. Sauerkraut Bio Machandel helps to prevent constipation, to reduce swelling in the intestines. It contents of enzymes improves liver and pancreas function. It contributes to the excretion of urine and uric acid. Its vitamin C content prevents scurvy, a disease caused by lack of vitamin C, characterized by impoverishment of blood and multiple hemorrhages. Sauerkraut Bio from Machandel is an excellent companion of your meals for its quality, practicality and protection of your digestive function.

    Facts of Sauerkraut Bio from Machandel:

    • 100% ecological.
    • Improves the digestive process.
    • Provides vitamin C.
    • Protects bacterial flora.
    • Contains enzymes..

    The best and easiest way to consume white cabbage naturally and reliably and take full advantage of it is taking Machandel Chucrut Bio, made of 100% organic, chemical-free products that will help you improve digestion, better assimilation of food, and prevent avitaminosis due to lack of vitamin C.

    Recommended use: Sauerkraut serves to accompany different dishes such as pork, meat of different types, stews, hot dogs, blood sausages, salads, peppers and oil. Its consumption will not replace medical guidance when it comes to correcting digestive or other conditions.

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