Green Peas Bio from Machandel allows to have a ration of pre-cooked peas, which only need to open, serve and eat. They are preserved thanks to their vacuum packaging, to which is added that they are in a mixture of distilled water and sea salt. They have an ecological certificate that guarantees that they have been cultivated in a natural way.

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    Green Peas Bio from Machandel

    Green Peas Bio from Machandel allows you to have on hand a serving of peas ready to be tasted in a few minutes. This is because they already come precooked, so it is not necessary to wait long hours leaving them in boiling water, waiting for them to soften in order to consume them. To achieve this, they have been vacuum packed.

    In addition, they are placed in a mixture of water with sea salt to avoid being contaminated by bacteria or other microorganisms. To this is added an additional value that is extremely interesting, especially for those people who like to have good health thanks to a healthy diet. It happens that these peas have been grown naturally, without pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilizers. Only clean and renewable energy sources have been used in its production. That is why it has an authentic taste. To top it off, they are a food 100% free of fat, reason why is ideal in diets to lose of weight and that contribute valuable nutrients for the organism. Without a doubt, this is a highly recommended product for people who want a healthy life and full of vitality.

    Peas are a companion for diverse dishes par excellence at the international level. It is a legume, the edible seed of the Pisum sativum plant that is native to the Middle East. They are shaped like small green balls and have excellent nutritional properties. For example, they are a proven source of abundant vegetable protein. They also provide carbohydrates that are very useful to give energy to the human body, so that it can perform its daily activities without falling into premature exhaustion. Their fat content is zero, so they do not carry problems of obesity. In addition, they contain minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, sodium, selenium and zinc. If it was not enough, it is remarkable its content of vitamins such as C, niacin, folate, thiamine, pyridoxine and vitamin A. This fantastic food has an additional plus, and is endowed with a large amount of fiber that help improve the digestive system and eliminate the excess fat ingested in the daily diet.

    Facts of Green Peas Bio from Machandel

    • Delicious pre-cooked peas
    • Preserved in water and sea salt
    • Without chemical preservatives
    • Eco-certified
    • Naturally grown
    • Easy to prepare

    With this product you have at hand some exquisite peas already precooked. Preserved of water with sea salt, they have a unique flavor since they are cultivated naturally.

    Recommended Use: warm up a few minutes in water after removing them from the container, since they are already precooked and do not need more processing.

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