Green Beans Bio from Machandel.  The bean, which comes from the plant of the same name, belongs to the family of leguminous, provides a lot of nutrients as well as vitamin C, phenolic acid, flavonoids, carotenoids, omega 3, fiber, among others. Made of beans of ecological origin, packed in water, free of additives.

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    Green Beans Bio from Machandel delicious 100% natural beans to improve your daily diet and slow down aging.

    Green Beans Bio from Machandel is a product from organic agriculture, a good choice for people who want to include in their diet vegetables that help lose weight, serve as an antioxidant and improve the function of the intestinal tract, and are also an excellent food for the organism.

    They are of practical use for the very busy people who want to consume natural foods but of rapid preparation. Machandel presents among the range of products, these beans that are ready to be used and with low caloric index (31kcal per 100g). They have antioxidant properties, they contain vitamins A, C, K, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, phenolic acids, flavonoids and carotenoids. Also, Omega 3 and fiber. The advantage of these beans is that they are better assimilated by the body without altering metabolic functions. It comes in a practical container of glass, with 450g of water and sea salt, free of chemical substances, which gives safety and confidence to be consumed.

    The function of nutrition is very important because it allows the individual to stay healthy. One way to achieve this goal is to strengthen the nutritional intake based on foods that provide fiber, nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Green Beans Bio from Machandel consumption, water-packed, completely organic, with no additives, will help you remove fluids as well as toxins accumulated in the body. Its consumption provides energy, regulates the metabolism and its content in fiber will give you the feeling of satiety which is a great support to achieve the desired loss of the annoying pounds accumulated in your body. Machandel guarantees that its products are processed under strict health safety standards and the raw material used comes from organic farming, therefore they are more nutritious because they contain higher levels of essential vitamins and minerals. It is a practical way to consume all the nutrients through this vegetable.

    Facts of Green Beans Bio from Machandel:

    • Beans come from 100% organic farming
    • Helps balance your weight
    • Contains fiber
    • Excellent antioxidant properties

    A good way to consume fiber, nutrients, vitamins and minerals and at the same time lose the desired weight and recover energy, in a natural, reliable and free of additives, is with the consumption of Green Beans Bio from Machandel that helps you to prepare your meals with the best vegetables, practical and reliable.

    Recommended use: they can be used in preparation of salads, add them to omelet, dress them with garlic and olive oil, mix them with some animal protein or soup together with other vegetables. The variety of combinations is at the consumer's choice.

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