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List of products by brand Machandel

Machandel is a family business that is dedicated to develop a range of organic foods for good nutrition of people. Founded 30 years ago in the city of Haulerwijk and with great effort, dedication, tradition and innovation has managed to manufacture the best products for a healthier life and respectful of the environment.

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Organic food is the salvation for those who take care of every aspect of their health, for that reason, Machandel is an organic food company that for 30 years has worked hard and dedicated to develop the best range of all-natural supplements in order to sell products suitable to go on a healthy diet. Today, through a traditional and innovative approach, this brand specializes in producing sauces, pastas, soups, smoothies, peas, salads, mayonnaise, etc., and of course, all these products made with highly advanced ecological techniques.

Machandel is a family business that has managed to emerge with much effort, passion and dedication since 1978 hand in hand with its founder Piet Glasbeek. The desire to undertake a project as special as this was born in a humble field in the city of Haulerwijk and from its earliest beginnings, its founder experimented with biodynamic agriculture without using pesticides or genetic ingredients for the preparation of food. The first product manufactured for that moment was made based on the family recipe of the grandmother, but with very advanced ecological techniques that finally gave a great result.

After the positive impact generated by Machandel's organic foods, Piet Glasbeek and his wife reached agreements with health food stores to make the products available. Luckily, after a lot of time and effort in building the family project, Machandel, laid solid foundations, so it boosted its growth and built more advanced facilities for production. Left the wooden warehouses of the farm for a perfectly conditioned factory.

The most important thing for Machandel is the transparency and preparation of the meals, for that reason, it works hard in the manufacturing process under biodynamic techniques and with a network of suppliers based on sustainable relationships, which offer organic materials and of excellent quality for the making of the products. Basically, the company seeks farmers who work the land in a traditional way, so that it is a process that respects the environment and human consumption. In addition, the company carries out a sowing program with the farmers to select the best fields and thus avoid the depletion of the land. Nature takes care of the rest.

Now, in terms of the ingredients that are selected, Machandel strives to use natural ones that at the same time retain a magnificent flavor. Usually, in the production process, after the food is perfectly cut, mixed and packed, these are preserved with sea salt, biodynamic herbs and specific spices that lengthen the freshness and life of incredibly healthy foods. We have no doubt Machandel is a wise decision, especially to enjoy a safer, healthier and delicious taste.