LIPO - 6 Black Hers - 120 cápsulas

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What do you take it for? Lose weight and body fat
How is it taken? Capsule / s with a glass of water
Size per dose Three capsules
How many times? Twice a day
When should it be taken? Before meals
Usos Weight loss

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LIPO-6 Black Hers is a powerful female weight loss formula.

Due to its potency it helps to rapidly burn body fat by means of creating thermogenic heat. This in turn stimulates your metabolism and your body begins to burn off stored body fat deposits. LIPO-6 Black further assists in weight-loss via its’ appetite-suppressing properties. Being able to successfully balance your food intake and having better control over your appetite is a crucial aspect of any diet and weight loss approach.

Another positive and very noticeable effect of LIPO-6 Black is its ability to increase mental alertness, energy, heightened focus and endurance. All its ingredients are embedded in fast-absorbing liquid capsules for rapid effects.

Unlike our one pill only female fat burner LIPO-6 Black this formula allows you to tailor your dosage to your own personal needs and tolerance.

Thought for today's woman and all her needs, LIPO-6 Black Hers is the ultimate fat burner! 


Properties of LIPO-6 Black Hers

  • 2 power Thyronines for overactive metabolism of fat
  • Contains 3 forms of Quebrachina for maximum release of fat in problem areas located
  • Activates brown adipose tissue uniting 3 heat generators (feniletilaminas)
  • Produces significant increases in body heat to remove fatty deposits
  • Provides a complete dispersion of the liquid for maximum power


Suggested use: As a dietary supplement and experiencing its maximum power take 3 capsules in the morning and 3 capsules in the afternoon. To prepare the body always follow the guidelines recommended by the manufacturer.

Lipo 6 Black works best in cycles. A suggested cycle is 8 weeks of taking and 4 week off.

Never exceed more than 6 capsules a day. Do not take 6 hours before bedtime. For best results do not take Lipo 6 Black Hers with meals, consume at least 30 minutes before meals. Do not use this product if you are under 21 years old or faint of heart.


Supplement facts
Size per 3 capsules
 per serving
Vitamin B12
Folic Acid
Vitamin D

Fat Oxidation Dual-Stimulator

3,3 Di Iodo L-Thyronine
3,5 Di Iodo L-Thyronine)

Maximum Strength Lower Body Fat Mobilizer

HCL of Pierre ex Beille Rubiaceae extract
11-Hidroxi-Pierre ex Beille Rubiaceae-Alfa-Pierre ex Beille Rubiaceae

Instant Metabolic & Calorie Burning Activator

Anhydrous caffeine
Beta-Phenylethylamine HCL
1,3 Dimetilamilanina HCL
Anhydrous theobromine
     HCL hordenine
1-Methyl Caffeine
4,5 mg
1,5 mcg
100 mcg
250 mg
100 IU

150 mcg

4,5 mg

385 mg

Other ingredients: Vegetable cellulose, glycerin, purified water, polysorbate 80, hypromellose QSP, FD & C Blue 1, FD & C Red 40, FD & C Yellow 6. This product uses only free animal derived capsules. 
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  • Pedro Nuno M

Bom produto :)

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    • Josue B


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