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Tupper lightcell - 300g


Tupper LightCell offers you a series of delicious meals, produced under a gourmet criteria and ready to be consumed immediately. You just have to cook them for a few minutes in the microwave and you will have a tasty, nourishing and high quality dish. Perfect for sportspeople or very busy people who want to eat nutritiously and deliciously avoiding elaborated preparations.

    Tupper LightCell is a delicious, nutritious and easy to eat. Choose one of their delicious dishes, heat it and enjoy it. What more could you ask for!

    Tupper LightCell is a tray that provides a meal, previously prepared for your delight. It is a combination of organic and high quality ingredients, elaborated using gourmet recipes. They are ready to be cooked in an oven or microwave, and ready to eat them immediately. Bon appetit!

    Essential aspects of LightCell Tupper LightCell

    • They are trays with deliciously prepared meals.
    • They contain organic and high quality ingredients.
    • They can be cooked in an oven or a microwave.

    Ingredients and format of LightCell Tupper by LightCell 

    LightCell Tupper by LightCell are meals that are packaged in a tray with 300g of food.

    Each one contains organic vegetables, and high-quality meats that have been preserved through advanced processes, without preservatives maintaining all their nutritional properties.


    What is to be achieved with LightCell Tupper by LightCell?

    Tupper LightCell is an amazing product that offers you the opportunity to eat in a delicious, healthy and easy way. You can choose from assorted tasty recipes, which have a tasty gourmet style. Try the delicious flavor of a unique combination of organic vegetables and delicious meats that have been healthily spiced, to get really appetising dishes. You only have to heat them up in an oven or microwave, and then you can enjoy your lunch with healthy, nutritious and easy to prepare meals. They are the perfect product to eat healthily and enjoy irresistible flavours.

    Take advantage of Tupper LightCell for your daily training. These trays are perfect as they have an excellent level of nutrition for your sports diet. Ensure you add to your diet healthy vegetables and proteins from meats such as beef, hake and chicken. It also contains deliciously prepared tofu and in addition, recipes include rice, potatoes, daily vegetables, and in some cases, whole wheat pasta. You have to have a tupper to eat anywhere you are. Enjoy a delicious meal while you practise intense exercise that will meet all your fundamental needs.

    In the same way, you can not run out of Tupper LightCell if you have a busy lifestyle. Not everybody has time to prepare a homemade meal at lunchtime. It is possible that during these hours you are not even at home. Improve the way you eat in the office or wherever you are with this tupper that contains delicious and healthy food that make you enjoy an excellent food experience. They are also perfect to include in a slimming diet, since they are nutritious meals which will also satisfy your appetite.

    Recommended use of Tupper LightCell.

    • Heat up for a few minutes in a microwave or an oven.
    • Eat as a main meal or consumer preferences.
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