PudinCell from Lightcell is a pudding made of proteins. This product is very healthy and nutritious. It is a fact you will enjoy its taste. You can consume it while training or just to keep your figure. Moreover, it contains egg white, isolated protein, vitamins B, C and K and a negligible amount of fat and sugar.

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PudinCell will become your favorite pudding thanks to its vital nutrients. Be amazed by its mouth-watering taste!

PudinCell from Lightcell is a pudding that provide your system with high-quality proteins and your palate with a surprisingly delicious taste.

It has been created with egg white, which has a high biological value, fast-assimilation isolated protein, non-transgenic soy, oats and vitamins B, K and C. Taste this delicious dessert to promote your nutrition without putting on weigth. If you practice sports or if you are on a slimming diet, this pudding is ideal for you. Supplement your balanced meals with this sweet snack that is perfect to take care of your figure and strengthen your vitality.

You are most likely aware of the harm caused by confectionery and candies, regardless of how delicious they are. Frequent consumption of those foods causes overweigth and possibly this might have happened to you. Be on a diet or switch to balanced meals is not easy. As a consequence you feel the desire to fall back to those snacks you ate frequently. Moreover, it is perfectly normal that you crave for eating them as you were used to. But fear not, PudinCell from Lightcell is a delicious pudding that does not affect you negatively, it is here to help. On the contrary, it will allow you to strengthen your nutrition for sports practice. Furthermore, its consumption will neither affect your diet nor the progress you have made so far.

May seem amazing, but PudinCell from Lightcell has a great biological value. This means, that it provides your organism with many amino acids, which are quickly assimilated by your digestive system. Thanks to this, you ensure a complete protein synthesis and stronger and more developed muscles. Egg white and high-quality whey protein are the components that provide these nutrients that are vital for a good sports diet. But the extra value in this product is brought by its exquisite taste to allow experience a pleasant moment, free of guilt. Learn to eat sweets resposibly with this tasty and healthy pudding.

Facts of PudinCell from Lightcell

  • Bade on proteins.
  • High biological value.
  • Provides essential amino acids.
  • Delicious sweet taste.
  • Low in calories and easy to enjoy.

PudinCell from Lightcell is a protein pudding that you will like and it is also very healthy. So it is the refreshment perfect to enjoy, without giving up a balanced diet. Last but not least, it can be consumed by sportsmen as it has essential amino acids easy to digest. It also has vitamins that benefit the health and vitality of your body. Stop craving for those desserts that do make any good. Indulge in tasting this healthy and incredibly tasty pudding.

Recommended use: eat it moderately as a dessert, no more than two a day, preferably.

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