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Protein pizza - 340g

LightCell Protein Pizza is a delicious option to enjoy pizza even if you are under a strict slimming diet. Delight yourself with this delicacy that has been made based on proteins, with a very low fat content. Each pizza contributes 80 g of protein, for a very healthy diet.

    LightCell Protein Pizza will allow you to enjoy the pleasure of a good pizza regardless of whether you are under training or on a slimming diet. It is made from protein and has a very low calorie index!

    LightCell Protein Pizza is delicious, crispy and very nutritious. Enjoy the incredible pleasure of pizza, since it is made from protein and has very few calories. In addition, it is ready to be consumed almost immediately, so it is also ideal for you, if you don't have too much time to make very elaborate meals.

    What is this Procell Protein Pizza like?

    • It is made from protein.
    • It has a low calorie content.
    • Enjoy a healthy pizza with low impact on your body.

    What does the consumption of ProCell Protein Pizza provide you?

    Procell Protein Pizza comes in a container that brings one 340 g pizza.

    The specifications per 100 g of pizza are as follows:

    • It contains 210 kcal.
    • It has 20 g of protein.
    • It provides 20 g of carbohydrates, which include 3.5 g of sugars.
    • t has 4.7 fats that include 1 g of saturated fats.
    • Provides 4.1 g of dietary fiber.

    These values correspond to the tuna-flavored protein pizza. These indications may vary with the flavor chosen.

    Benefits of eating ProCell Protein Pizza

    Procell Protein Pizza is your chance to enjoy a crispy and delicious pizza, even if you are under a rigorous slimming diet. Each pizza contributes approximately 80 grams in protein. It has a low calorie content and its consumption helps control weight, besides favoring the regulation of blood glucose levels. It also contributes to an excellent level of satiety, which is great for controlling the desire to eat. This is why if you want to eat pizza, this is a very tasty and crispy option, in addition to having a very healthy nutritional content.

    You can't miss the incredible taste of Procell Protein Pizza. Protein foods are often the best for a sports diet or for weight loss. And it is clear that the meals in which carbohydrates abound are left out of most of the meal plans of this type. That's why this product is perfect for you, if you are taking care of yourself and if you want to delight moderately with the taste of pizza. You just have to add the ingredients you like best, heat it in an oven or microwave and then you just have to enjoy it the way you like it best.

    Remember that by eating this Procell Protein Pizza you get an excellent protein boost in your body. Therefore it will provide your body with vital elements to strengthen your muscles, and it will help you to have a better physical performance during your workout.

    This pizza is excellent for those on a slimming or sports diet. It will also be very useful for people who appreciate foods that are easy and fast to prepare, delicious and with excellent nutritional content.

    Recommended use of Protein Pizza.

    • Add ingredients to taste such as cheese (preferably low calorie), tomato or vegetables.
    • Heat in oven or microwave.
    • Enjoy moderately in any of your main meals.
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