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Flan cell - 2 x 120g

Flan Cell by Lightcell is a dessert made entirely with egg white which gives it a delicious flavor and a great biological value, ideal for your diet. It also has UHT skim milk, folic acid and has been enriched with vitamins A, D and E. It also has a variety of flavors that are always a delicacy to enjoy.

    Flan Cell by LightCell is delicious, tempting and very healthy. Enjoy this delight made with egg white and that is the perfect dessert for any occasion. Delight your palate! Try it!

    Flan Cell by Lightcell is a tasty dessert you'll like from the first bite. Enjoy an egg white flan that has great biological value, has no fat and has a low sugar level. It also has UHT skim milk and contributes to your diet with folic acid and vitamins A, D and E.

    What are the characteristics of the Cell Flan by LightCell?

    • It is made based on egg white and UHT skim milk.
    • It has great biological value.
    • It offers an excellent variety of flavors made with natural ingredients.

    Ingredients and format of Flan Cell by LightCell

    The Flan Cell by LightCell comes in a 120 g container, which is sold in a two-unit pack.

    The specifications for every 100 g of banana flavor product are as follows:

    • It contains 56.80 kcal.
    • It has 0.03 g of fats that include 0.01 g of saturated fats.
    • It has 0.81 g of carbohydrates.
    • Provides 0.78 g of sugars.
    • It contributes with 11.84 g in proteins.

    These values may vary depending on the flan flavor chosen.

    What do you get with this Flan Cell by LightCell?

    You have to treat yourself by trying Flan Cell by Light Cell, a delicious dessert made with egg white and UHT skim milk that is fat free and has a low sugar level. On the other hand, it offers an excellent protein content of great biological value, which is excellent for favoring your diet. It comes also comes in exquisite flavors achieved in a healthy way, which will be a great pleasure for your taste buds. It is an ideal delight to enjoy with confidence, as it will have a low impact on your figure.

    You don't have to miss dessert time if you have Flan Cell by LightCell in your fridge. It comes in ready-to-eat containers to enjoy it immediately and easily. Therefore you can easily consume it wherever you want. It is perfect as a snack between meals, or to quench your hunger after training. In fact it is a very nice way to ensure protein in your body. But above all it is a delicious dessert for all kinds of people, who like to enjoy a simply irresistible flan.

    You know now that Light Cell Flan Cell is always allowed in your daily diet, whether you're taking care of yourself or not. Few products come in such varied and exquisite flavors, in a practical and nutritious way. Do you want to try something sweet? This is the dessert you have to give it a try!

    How is Flan Cell taken?

    • Open the lid of each container and consume with a spoon.
    • Taste moderately, preferably consuming up to 2 flans per day.
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